President's Message

Welcome to Northeast Iowa Community College. Our students have hopes and dreams for a better future through education. For their hopes to be realized and dreams to come true, their learning must be purposeful and meaningful to build a strong foundation of success.

Every course and personal encounter is critical and builds the foundation of success. Therefore, a student's understanding of the importance of learning from each course is crucial. Education is a journey, and it requires students to stay on track and build upon what they have already learned. The knowledge gained enables them to prepare for other opportunities along the way.

My colleagues and I are committed to helping each student pursue an education that leads to a meaningful career. Our students' success will enable them to sustain their families and contribute to the vitality of their communities.

Northeast Iowa Community College believes our students can go as far as their engagement in and commitment to education and training will carry them.

Liang Chee Wee

Liang Chee Wee, Ph.D.

The Office of the President is located in the Darwin L. Schrage Administration Building on the Calmar Campus.