Emergency Response and Procedure

Directions for emergency procedures are posted near the exits of all campus rooms, labs and offices at Northeast Iowa Community College. These directions provide a quick reference for what to do in event of illness, injury and other emergency events. Emergency exit and evacuation routes for fire or other internal threats are posted in each room.

In the event of severe weather, directions to emergency shelter areas are identified on maps in each room. In an emergency such as a fire or severe weather, an alarm will sound and/or an appropriate announcement will be made as soon as possible. The College participates in fire and tornado drills. Students should acquaint themselves with the two different types of emergency alarms and routes as soon as possible.

The College subscribes to an emergency alert notification system that provides text messaging alerts; student are encouraged to use this notification system. NICC has purchased the video Run. Hide. Fight: Surviving an Active Shooter Event for students to view on Xpress (you must be logged into Xpress to view). More information on college safety procedures are located within Xpress under College Life>Campus Safety.

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