Are Online Courses Right For Me?

If you are having trouble fitting college classes into your busy schedule and enjoy using computers, online courses may be the answer for you. Online courses provide an alternative to taking regular college classes for the student who has work, family, and other obligations that are barriers to traveling to campus for the traditional classroom environment.

Besides a fairly current word processing program, a student will not need to have special software unless required by the instructor. Students must have basic Windows or Mac computer use skills, which may include proficiency in word processing, creating directories or folders, copying files, copying and pasting text, using email, and switching between programs. Students must also have basic web-surfing skills.

In an online course, there is no set class time, and you are allowed to work when you want. Online courses do, however, involve active participation and deadlines just like any other on-campus class. A key factor to student success in the online environment is self-direction, the ability and willingness to direct one's own education. Online students need to be independent and to take responsibility for their learning. Self-directed learning involves specific skills: organization, motivation, and a sense of confidence.