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The Cosmetology program prepares you to work in a full-service salon and/or allows you to work towards salon ownership and professional management. It provides a strong foundation in cosmetology with theory and clinical experience directed and guided by cosmetology professionals in combination with general education courses that support the core curriculum. Graduates will be qualified to pursue a baccalaureate degree at a four-year college or university in an area of interest such as management or business.

The program prepares students with professional skills and practice in enhancing the hair, skin and nails.  It incorporates up-to-date trends as well as basic foundational techniques.  Once one has gained a professional license, the possibilities are endless to what one can become such as: a hair colorist, texture specialist, hairstyling artist, certified educational trainer, cosmetic chemist, artificial nail expert, owner of a salon or spa, platform artist or work on a cruise ship.  Equipment, supplies and courses are contemporary, accurate and based on present cosmetology practices.

Award: Associate of Applied Science
Credits: 70.5
Locations: Calmar
Entry: Fall, Spring

Paying for the Program

Financial Aid Eligible

Out-of-State Tuition & Fees: $15,651*

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Career Outlook

$16,717 - 43,462

Estimated annual salary range for Education, Human and Public Services graduates based on EMSI. Salary range represents 10th percentile - median annual wage for related occupations ​within a 100-mile radius from the center distance between Calmar and Peosta Campuses.

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  1. Apply for admission.
  2. Submit official high school, high school equivalency and/or college transcripts to the Admissions Office of the campus you plan to attend.
  3. Complete ACCUPLACER® reading and writing assessment and ALEKS® math assessment for course placement. Assessments may be waived based on previous college coursework or submission of valid ACT®, ACT Compass® or ALEKS® test scores. ACCUPLACER® scores are valid for three years, and ALEKS® scores are valid for 18 months.

In addition to the requirements listed, applicants to this program, prior to the Mentorship Experience, may be required to complete a criminal background check. The Cosmetology Iowa Board of Arts and Science will no longer review criminal history prior to application to licensure. You will need to show proof of high school graduation or equivalent prior to taking the State Licensure Exam.

First Aid/CPR is required prior to beginning lab in the second semester and can be taken through NICC Business and Community Solutions. The following requirements must be satisfied prior to term two of the NICC Cosmetology program.

The College has contracted the services of Certified Background and Castlebranch to review and monitor drug testing. Students will submit the following documentation to their website prior to the designated date:

  • Drug testing - prior to clinical participation, random, post-incent-accident and suspicion. Students are required to be substance-free throughout the program.
  • In addition to meeting the above listed requirements upon admission, students must maintain these requirements throughout the program. Failure to remain compliant will result in denial for clinical participation. Clinical participation is required for program completion.
  • Random drug screens will also be conducted on students while enrolled in the program.

Note: A positive report on the drug screen may prevent you from acceptance into clinical and completion of the program.

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2019-2020 Cosmetology Class Schedule


COS:110 Basic Principles in Cosmetology 4.0
COS:159 Practical Cosmetology Skills I 6.0
PSY:112 Psychology of Human Relations 3.0
SDV:179 The College Experience 3.0
COM:723 Workplace Communications 3.0


ART:101 Art Appreciation  3.0
COS:114 Chemical Services II 2.0
COS:119 Practical Cosmetology Skills II 7.0
COS:156 Chemical Services I 3.0
COS:172 Practical Cosmetology Skills III 6.0


ENV:115 Environmental Science 3.0
COS:171 Salon Management 1.0
COS:121 Practical Cosmetology Skills IV 7.0
COS:157 Legal Aspects of Cosmetology 1.0


COS:112 Care of Skin and Scalp 2.0
COS:174 Practical Cosmetology Skills VI 6.0
COS:155 Haircutting and Styling Techniques 1.0
COS:175 Comprehensive Cosmetology Review 2.0
COS:173 Practical Cosmetology Skills V 6.0
COS:170 Cosmetology Mentoring 1.5

This Associate of Applied Science degree program requires a minimum of 15 credits of transfer-level general education electives from Communication, Humanities, Math, Science, or Social Science. Three of these hours can include SDV:179 The College Experience. If The College Experience course is waived or transfers in for less than three credits, an additional general education elective is required.

Note: To graduate from this program, students must complete all required coursework with a "C-" grade or above and earn a minimum 2.0 grade point average. First Aid/CPR is required prior to beginning lab in the second semester and can be taken through Business and Community Solutions.

Cosmetology students are required by the State of Iowa to complete a minimum of 70 credit hours in a Cosmetology program. Northeast Iowa Community College students finish the program when they complete the state credit requirements and meet individual course requirements.

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The Cosmetology program was named one of the Best 50 Beauty & Cosmetology degree programs in the nation for 2018-2019.

All services at the Northeast Iowa Community College Cosmetology Salon at the Calmar campus are performed by students in cosmetology training under the supervision of licensed instructors.

Jeff Murphy

Jeffrey Murphy, M.A.
Dean of Arts and Sciences

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  • Phone: 844.642.2338, ext. 1235
  • Location: Calmar
Marillee Mai

Marilee Mai
Cosmetology Instructor

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  • Phone: 844.642.2338, ext. 1275
  • Location: Calmar