Career Academy

Many high school students haven’t selected a career and that’s okay. Exploring the types of careers that interest you will help set you up for success. Understanding what you enjoy doing and are skilled at is a great first step in your career exploration. The Guided Career Pathways booklet is a great resource to review with your coach or counselor to find coursework for awareness, exploration, early admission or general education.

Student Benefits

  • Flexible: Hands-on, face-to-face and online options available.
  • College Credit: You can earn college credit while exploring career options of interest.
  • Work-based Learning: Learn about your career interests through job shadows, interviews, mentorships and more!

Business Benefits

  • Awareness: Help the future workforce understand the unique features of your career or industry.
  • Connection: Partner with the College to connect with high school students to generate excitement for career fields.
  • Community Involvement: Contribute to your community by guiding the prospective workforce.