Additional Products

Campus bookstores are stocked with items for courses offered at Northeast Iowa Community College including calculators, lab coats, tools and tool boxes, in addition to supplies, apparel, backpacks and more.

Microsoft Office

As a student, you are eligible to get Office 365 free through Microsoft. Get started by visiting the MyCampus Office 365 task.

  1. Click Start on the MyCampus page linked above.
  2. On the Office 365 Education page, enter your NICC email address and select Sign up.
  3. Continue through Microsoft's account setup by filling out the required fields.
  4. Once you have finished setting up your account you will be able to install Office from the Microsoft homepage.

Additional software is available via OnTheHub.

Tablet and Computer Purchases

Students may also purchase various tablets and computer hardware at the College's discounted rate through CDW-G. All transactions are processed by CDW-G and not through NICC or its Computer Information Services (CIS) department. Products include Microsoft Surfaces, Lenovo ThinkPads, HP EliteBooks as well as various PCs and monitors; free ground shipping is available. Browse and purchase products through CDW-G.