Purchasing Textbooks

Currently, the best option to purchase textbooks is online. Through the online bookstore, students are able to check prices as well as purchase textbooks and course materials by instructor and course. Please call your campus bookstore for assistance.

Attention: It is important to use the correct bookstore link below. If you are or were a student planning to attend classes at the Calmar campus, use the Calmar link. If you are or were a student planning to attend classes at the Peosta campus, use the Peosta link. This ensures books will appear as available for classes that were moved to an online/synchronous format.

Purchasing Textbooks Online

The following online textbook purchase step by step instructions are also available as a pdf.

  1. Select the appropriate bookstore link above.
  2. Click the Buy navigation link.
  3. Select your term and click Go.
  4. Refer to your schedule and select the Department, Course and Section.
  5. After selecting items for purchase, click Check out.

Ordering Books with Financial Aid

Email zweibahmert@nicc.edu at Calmar or peo-bookstore@nicc.edu at Peosta with the following information:

  • Your NICC ID
  • Class number (i.e. PNN-179-92001) or a copy of your schedule
  • Name, address and phone number

Purchasing Policy and Payment Options

Students purchasing textbooks at the campus bookstores are required to bring a copy of their schedule to aid in searching for textbooks. Textbook information, including ISBNs and pricing, are subject to change without notice. Changes will be posted as soon as the bookstore is made aware of them.

Northeast Iowa Community College is not liable for purchases made from outside sources. If you choose such a source, be sure to check their refund policy. Purchasing your materials from the NICC campus or online bookstore is the best way to avoid costly mistakes and late delivery.

VISA®, MasterCard® and Discover® can be used to purchase textbooks at the online bookstore. Online purchases will be shipped directly to the student.

The bookstore accepts cash, check, VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover® and applicable financial aid. Deadlines apply for charging textbooks to an outside agency or any type of financial aid. Students are encouraged to purchase all textbooks and course materials at the beginning of the term.