About the Pandemic Playbook

Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) has implemented this Pandemic Playbook to outline the College’s approach to providing the safest possible learning environment during this pandemic. NICC has worked closely with local public health agencies and received guidance from governmental authorities while monitoring the newest information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website to help create this plan. The ultimate goal is to continue to provide mindful focus on the health and safety of all who enter our campus environment by implementing, monitoring and adjusting plans as necessary.

Pandemic Response Team

The Pandemic Response Team (PRT) is a cross-functional team led by district managers. The PRT will be responsible for the implementation of the district’s pandemic preparedness and response plan. This team works in close collaboration with the NICC Senior Leadership Team.

The NICC Pandemic Playbook will guide the PRT in its responsibilities. The PRT is charged with ensuring training is accomplished, updates are communicated, and policies and procedures are carried out across the College. The PRT will monitor compliance and make recommendations to the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) for changes or additions to plans.

PositionLead Staff Member(s)Sub-Committee Members
District Manager

Dan Neenan
Kristi Flack

Kelly McMahon
Connie Kuennen

Access Control Lead

Teresa Kurash, Calmar
Shane Holdridge, Dubuque
Erica Nosbisch (leads centers)
Ann Ludwig, Peosta Child Care
Mariah Busta, Dairy Center

Sanitization, Disinfection Lead


Calmar: Randy Ruroden
Peosta: Linette Kremer
TCC and DC: Tracy Cigrand
Waukon: Erica Nosbisch
Cresco: Jessica Reis
Oelwein: Terri Rubner
Manchester: Holly Maurer
Dairy Center: Kevin Helgerson

PPE and Materials Lead Teresa Kurash
Kayla Staner
Training Lead Seth Gilbert

Michelle Buddenberg
Flannery Cerbin-Bohach

Academic and Student Environment

Kristi Strief
Kelly Kramer
Jennifer Kohlmeyer
Jeffery Henry
Rachel Uhlenhake

Communication Lead

Katie Wiedemann


Your well-being has always been a top priority. NICC will be reopening in steps rather than all at once. Review the Steps for Re-opening. Each step assures that staff, services and processes are in place to safely proceed to the next step; if the situation warrants, we may move back a step to ensure safety.