Hybrid Courses

Most hybrid classes meet one day per week in the classroom and conduct the remainder of the learning online through an Internet-based communication platform. Instructors use the Xpress and/or Blackboard Collaborate platforms for the online portion of hybrid classroom instruction. These platforms can be thought of as digital classrooms that provide students with an online learning community. This online learning community includes various types of course content, assignments, assessments and materials and is where digital communication among classmates and instructors is conducted.

To search for sections of hybrid courses currently being offered at NICC, complete the term window at the top of the search for courses page and click on the specific physical site in the location window at the bottom where you wish to meet for the face-to-face portion of the class. Choose Online-Synchronous to search for those courses that use Blackboard Collaborate. Hybrid courses are coded as HYB in the list of Distance Learning courses section.