Iowa Communications Network (ICN) Courses

The Iowa Communications Network (ICN) is a two-way, interactive fiber optic network used throughout Iowa for distance education. The network provides a two-way audio and video classroom in real time where students can see and hear the instructor, and the instructor can see and hear the students.

ICN classrooms are very similar to traditional on-campus classrooms. Most ICN rooms feature remote control cameras and screen projection, push-to-talk microphones for students, a touch-screen control system for instructors and a fiber optic telephone that connects directly to technical support.

Taught from one origination site, the instructor delivers the course to several students in various ICN classrooms throughout the district at the same time. This way, students can attend class in a classroom closer to home or work, rather than on campus, and still interact with classmates and the instructor.

To search for a local ICN classroom, choose from any of 45 ICN classrooms located within the eight counties that comprise the Northeast Iowa Community College's Region 1 district.