Online Courses

Northeast Iowa Community College offers a broad range of online courses across the curriculum. These web-based courses are delivered electronically via an Internet connection rather than in the traditional face-to-face setting.  Online course structure varies between courses, but the same academic expectations and course standards apply for online courses as they do in the traditional face-to-face course. The difference is that the activities and tasks can be performed from a distance on a computer or portable device in the student’s own home.

Detailed instructions and guidelines, such as course assignments, objectives, goals, due dates and grading criteria are provided by each instructor in the Xpress courseroom. Instructors are still available for conferences both online and on-campus.

Synchronous classes are a type of online class that require students and instructors to be online at the same time. Lectures, discussions, presentations and other class activities occur online, at a scheduled time. Courses in this course format require a headset/microphone and a webcam.

Strong reading and writing skills are required in the online format. To determine if you will be successful in NICC’s online course environment, complete the "Are Online Courses Right for You" quiz.

The requirement for any student to be registered for an online or hybrid course for the first time is the completion of the TRN-100: Student Xpress Courseroom Tutorial. This is a free online video tutorial available in Xpress.