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Enology Specialist

Campus Location: Calmar, Peosta, Online

Program Entry: Fall, Spring, Summer

Award: Diploma, Associate of Applied Science


The Enology Specialist program offers a comprehensive examination of the field of enology (wine making) offered through the Viticulture and Enology Science and Technology Alliance (VESTA) consortium of 17 colleges and universities. The program provides the knowledge required to produce wines of the highest quality and provide students with the science, agriculture and business skills necessary to enhance Iowa’s rapidly growing wine industry. Included is a foundation in chemistry and biology along with specific courses related to equipment operation, cellar maintenance and wine analysis. The program is specifically designed to include field work and practicums at local wineries.

Some of the courses listed may not be available online through NICC; however, all courses are available online through at least one of the participating VESTA consortium colleges. Students interested in the Enology program should become familiar with VESTA by visiting their website at

If general education courses are available via online from NICC and have not already been completed, the courses must be taken from NICC when available. If general education courses are not available via online from NICC, they can be taken at another postsecondary institution and transferred to NICC for purposes of completing the VESTA program and are subject to the prior written approval of the appropriate dean of the VESTA program.


The requirement of 18 credit hours completed at NICC would be considered satisfied for students who are enrolled in or have completed viticulture and enology courses from a VESTA consortium partner college. The viticulture and enology courses taken from VESTA consortium partner colleges will be considered as equivalent to NICC courses for residency purposes only.

Enology Specialist

Admissions Requirements:

  • Submission of your official high school transcript with ACT score.
  • Submission of transcript from any college or university previously attended.
  • Completion of ACCUPLACER assessment if necessary.

Enology Specialist

Academic Requirements:


Minimum Credits: 33

View the printable Ed Plan (Diploma).

Term 1
BIO:112 General Biology I 4.0
VIN:146 **Intro to Enology 3.0
VIN:160 **Winery Equipment 2.0
* Communication Elective 3.0
* Elective 3.0


Term 2
VIN:148 **Winery Sanitation 3.0
VIN:246 **Intermediate Enology 3.0
VIN:259 **Cellar Operations Technology 2.0
VIN:266 Sensory Evaluation 3.0
VIN:268 **Wine and Must Analysis 3.0
VIN:290 Winery Safety 2.0
* Enology Elective 2.0

**Courses completed through VESTA.

Some of the courses listed may not be available online through NICC, however all are available online through at least one of the participating VESTA consortium colleges.


Communication Electives: COM:145, COM:155, ENG:021, ENG:105, ENG:106, ENG:221, SPC:112
Enology Electives: AGA:142, VIN:111, VIN:148, VIN:200, VIN:211, VIN:270, VIN:272
Electives: BIO, BUS, CHM, CLS, COM, ECN, ENG, ENV, FLS, GEO, HIS, HUM, LIT, MAT, PHI, PHS, PHY, POL, PSY, REL, SOC, SPC; three hours can be taken from BCA:112, BCA:212

Associate of Applied Science

Minimum Credits: 67

View the printable Ed Plan (AAS).

Term 1
BCA:212 Intro to Computer Business Apps 3.0
BIO:112 General Biology I 4.0
COM:723 Workplace Communications OR 3.0
SPC:112 Public Speaking 3.0
MAT:102 Intermediate Algebra OR 4.0
  Math Elective (transfer-level) 3.0
SDV:108 The College Experience 1.0
VIN:146 **Intro to Enology 3.0


Term 2
CHM:110 Intro to Chemistry 3.0
CHM:111 Intro to Chemistry Lab 1.0
PHS:166 Meteorology, Weather, and Climate 4.0
VIN:148 **Winery Sanitation 3.0
VIN:266 Sensory Evaluation


Term 3
BIO:183 Microbiology 3.0
ENG:105 Composition I 3.0
PHY:106 Survey of Physics OR 4.0
  Physics Elective (transfer-level) 4.0
VIN:160 **Winery Equipment 2.0
VIN:246 **Intermediate Enology
VIN:257 **Fall Wine Production Internship 3.0


Term 4
ENG:108 Composition II: Technical Writing 3.0
POL:111 American National Government 3.0
VIN:111 Vineyard Establishment and Maintenance OR 3.0
VIN:211 **Integrated Pest Management OR 2.0
AGA:142 Soils for Viticulture 3.0
VIN:259 **Cellar Operations Technology
VIN:268 **Wine and Must Analysis 3.0
VIN:290 Winery Safety 2.0
* Technical Elective 3.0

**Courses completed through VESTA


Technical Electives: ADM:116, ADM:119, ADM:141, ADM:148, ADM:162, ADM:181, ADM:936, BCA, BUS, CIS, ECN, FIN, GRA, LGL, MGT, MKT, NET:103, NET:156, NET:318, NET:453, NET:946, TRV:113, TRV:114, VIN:200, VIN:270

Enology Specialist

Employment Information:

View Gainful Employment information for this program.

Estimated Salary (Midwest Region)

$34,182 (2013 Wine Business Monthly)

Estimated Annual Openings

In 2012, the wine industry in Iowa employed 2,678 full-time equivalent workers, representing 51% growth. (Iowa State Univerity, 2014)

Sample Job Titles

Cellar Workers
Cellar Manager
Consulting Enologist
Laboratory Manager
Laboratory Technician
Quality ControlManager
Seasonal Winery Worker
Winery Equipment Operation and Maintenance Manager
Winery Manager

Enology Specialist

Additional Information:

This program is offered through Northeast Iowa Community College's membership and association with VESTA (Viticulture and Enology Science and Technology Alliance), a national center of excellence funded primarily by the National Science Foundation. VESTA provides the expertise and resources of 17 participating colleges spanning from Washington state to New York state.  The VESTA alliance allows students access to industry and educational experts from coast to coast, and the online format allows students to complete that degrees without leaving their community.


Douglas Binsfeld
Dean of Arts & Sciences, Peosta
800.728.7367, ext 207