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Entrepreneurial Cosmetology

Campus Location: Calmar, Peosta, Online

Program Entry: Fall, Spring, Summer

Award: Associate of Applied Science (See also Cosmetology-AAS program)


The purpose of this program is to meet the need of licensed cosmetologists who are seeking to own and operate a small business or to effectively operate a chair rental business. The degree will provide the knowledge and training to successfully open and operate a cosmetology business.

Entrepreneurial Cosmetology

Admissions Requirements:

  • Submission of your official high school transcript with ACT score.
  • Submission of transcript from any college or university previously attended.
  • Completion of ACCUPLACER assessment if necessary.

This program is offered as a result of a partnership with Northeast Iowa Community College, Capri College and Stewart School. In addition to the College admission requirements outlined, applicants to this program must complete the courses required for the Entrepreneurial Cosmetology Degree. Near the completion of the NICC program, students will be required to submit a state cosmetology license to the NICC Office of the Registrar in order to be awarded an AAS degree in the program.

A degree will only be given to students who possess a state cosmetology license. Students may, in fact, begin and complete some required classes before or while seeking their cosmetology license. Capri and Stewart School students need not take the Communication course (COM:723) as long as they have passed all Capri College or Stewart School communication courses (900-1, 900-2, 900-3, 900-4). Students may start taking courses in high school (if available), while attending or after graduating from Capri College or Stewart School. A minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA is required for graduation.

Entrepreneurial Cosmetology

Academic Requirements:

Minimum Credits: 28 + State Cosmetology License

View the printable Ed Plan.

Term 1
BCA:212 Intro to Computer Business Apps 3.0
BUS:130 Intro to Entrepreneurship 3.0
ECN:110 Intro to Economics 3.0
FIN:122 Personal Finance 4.0
* Communication Elective 3.0


 Term 2
BUS:133 Entrepreneurial Studies 3.0
MKT:110 Principles of Marketing 3.0
  Psychology Elective (transfer-level) 3.0
* Math/Science Elective 3.0


Communication Electives: COM:723, ENG:105, SPC:112

Math/Science Electives: MAT:102, MAT:744, transfer-level: BIO: CHM, ENV, MAT, PHS, PHY

Note: The program is two terms and consists of credits from NICC and the remaining credits from Capri College or Stewart School, assuming the students have completed the communication requirement at Capri College or Stewart School. Normal term schedules for those wanting to complete the program within one year are listed. In addition, these courses can be taken while enrolled at Capri College or Stewart School or while attending NICC.

Entrepreneurial Cosmetology

Employment Information:

Iowa Workforce Development Estimated Salary

$17,213 - $23,233

Iowa Workforce Development Estimated Annual Openings (Statewide)


Entrepreneurial Cosmetology

Additional Information:


Todd Ecklund
Dean of Business and Computer Science
800.728.7367, ext. 208