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David Zach Abolitionist / Advocate Against Human Trafficking (Calmar)

Monday, February 3, 2020
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Wilder Business Center
1625 Hwy 150 S
Calmar, IA 52132
Event Contact
Kara Popp
844.642.2338, ext. 2230

David Zach is the lead singer and songwriter for the rock band Remedy Drive as well as an advocate in the fight against human trafficking. When not touring with the band David spends time overseas as a volunteer undercover operative with the abolitionist group The Exodus Road.

While overseas David spends time in brothels and clubs in the red-light districts where underage girls and boys are sold by the hour. His role while undercover is to identify instances of minors being sold and to capture actionable evidence of their trafficking using covert gear, some of which is funded by the Remedy Drive community and fan base. That evidence is used to make rescues and arrests in partnership with local authorities.

The idea that ordinary human beings can impact change for freedom and justice is central to the message David brings to audiences across the world. Watch this video and learn more about David Zach.

This event is open to the students, faculty, staff and the community.

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