Tuition Relief

Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) has many funding opportunities to assist students in paying for college. Funding includes tuition grants and scholarships from the state of Iowa for over 30 high-demand programs, the NICC Loyalty Award for students looking to complete their transfer degree with NICC and save thousands of dollars and other options intended to assist students with pursuing their career goals. Students may receive funding from multiple sources.

Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship

This Future Ready Iowa Scholarship, for Iowa residents, may pay a portion or all of your tuition in eligible high-demand programs. The average student award is $3,035.

Last-Dollar Scholarship

NICC Loyalty Award

The NICC Loyalty Award pays students $50 for each NICC concurrent credit successfully completed in High School. Earn up to $1500 towards tuition the first year at NICC when enrolling in any of the 18 different two-year transfer degrees.

Transfer Programs

Financial Aid Review and Adjustment

If you or your family’s financial situation (2022-23 FAFSA results) has changed significantly from what is reported on your 2020 federal income tax return (for example, unemployed or otherwise experienced a decrease in income in 2021 or 2022), you may be eligible to have your financial aid reviewed and adjusted.

Request Review

Begin Again Scholarship

Invites students with an outstanding balance to return and complete their NICC education. This allows the student and College to show a commitment to paying off the student's outstanding debt so they can enroll and complete their education. See 'additional student support' on the scholarships page for more info.



The College and its Foundation strive to lessen the financial burden on students through scholarships. We offer many scholarships with different eligibility criteria, from first-year students to program of study, residency, enrollment status, etc.


Career Pathway Certificate (CPC) Grants

Career Pathway Certificate (CPC) students have many supports available to help cover the costs of tuition, transportation, childcare and/or supplies. There are often a variety of unique grants and/or programs available to help reduce barriers to education. Grant awards are dependent on the federal poverty guidelines.

CPC Programs