The Pave Program at Northeast Iowa Community College is a secondary special education program for selected students. When students attend Pave, they have the opportunity to participate in community college courses that allow them to explore vocational programs while completing their high school diplomas.

The purpose of Pave is to provide an individual vocational course of study, which will enable students to become competitively employed, live independently and strengthen interpersonal skills. Pave students may explore most coursework offered at NICC, provided they meet all prerequisites and classes are not full. A student must be referred by current high school staff according to the Pave placement criteria.

The student’s school district pays for tuition, books, tools and equipment. Contact your special education teacher or Keystone AEA representative at your high school for more information.

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Please note the sending school is responsible for completing any IEP due in August/September or January/February.‌

Pave Timeline