Pave Placement Criteria

In order for a student to qualify for Pave, he or she must first meet each of the following criteria:

  • The student has the ability to achieve, with special education support and accommodations, in higher level courses in a vocational area. Modifications to curriculum CANNOT be made at the college level.
  • The student is at least 16 years of age.
  • The student is a level-one qualified individual for at least one recently completed successful semester prior to entering Pave.
  • The student is a resident of northeast Iowa.
  • The student has at least junior status, including required courses, in his or her own high school district.
  • The student has at least a 90 percent attendance record for at least one recently completed semester at his/her present high school.

The following should be considered for placement in Pave.

  • The student’s vocational interest and available space in the corresponding vocational program.
  • The student’s ability to comply with the expectations of the College. For example, the student can:
    • follow the Northeast Iowa Community College Student Conduct Code.
    • independently follow a college schedule.
    • advocate for self, as needed.
    • maintain at least a 2.0 NICC grade point average.

In order to determine if Pave is an appropriate placement for a student, the following will also be considered by Pave staff.

  • Older students will be given priority placement.
  • The inability of a student to fulfill his/her IEP goals at the local district will be given priority placement.
  • Diagnostic and evaluation information will be reviewed and considered by the IEP team to determine the appropriateness of Pave.

NICC and Pave staff will determine appropriateness of all referred students. All Pave placements made by the IEP team are on a trial basis. If this placement is not successful for either the student or Pave, the student IEP team will reconvene to discuss other placement options for the student. The IEP team may choose to write an initial interim IEP that must be reviewed within thirty school days.