CareerFocus is published by Northeast Iowa Community College as a public service to encourage Northeast Iowa residents to think seriously about their lives and careers and to inform the community about the College’s programs of study.

CareerFocus Fall 2016 CareerFocus Fall 2016 Cover Thumbnail
CareerFocus Spring 2016 CareerFocus Spring2016
CareerFocus Fall 2015 Career focus fall 2015
CareerFocus Spring 2015 Thumbnail image of the cover of the Spring 2015 issue of Career Focus
CareerFocus Fall 2014 CareerFocus Fall 2014
CareerFocus Spring 2014 sp14 career focus
CareerFocus Fall 2013 Career Focus fall 2013
CareerFocus Spring 2013 Career Focus Spring 2013‌ 

CareerFocus Fall 2012

 Career Focus Fall 2012
CareerFocus Spring 2012  Career Focus Spring 2012
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CareerFocus Spring 2010  Career Focus Spring 2010
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CareerFocus Spring 2009

 Career Focus Spring 2009