Great Give Day

Thursday, May 13, 2021 is Great Give Day! This 24-hour giving blitz established by the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque allows us to raise money to benefit our students. Provide financial support to our students through your donation today!

Thank You to Today's Donors

Thank you to all of those who have made a gift to support our students on Great Give Day!

  • Nancy Van Milligen
  • Lois Schueller
  • Julia Sollien
  • Germaine Kuhn
  • Thomas Ridout
  • Kristi Creek
  • Darla Till
  • Kristi Flack
  • Janet Wiedemann
  • Kelli Holthaus
  • Julie Anderson
  • Randal Mashek
  • Andrew Schroeder
  • Madeline Wagner
  • Paul and Sue Schramm
  • Kathy Burds
  • Katie Burrichter
  • Michael White
  • Susan Schneider
  • Pat Osterhaus
  • Jordan O'Connell
  • Jane Bechen
  • Lor Miller
  • Seth Gilbert
  • Wendy Knight
  • Jeni Kohlmeyer
  • Katrina Allen-Brickley
  • Caitlyn Wolfe
  • Carla Hughes
  • Danette McElmeel
  • Jennifer Rupp
  • Kristi Strief
  • Liang Wee
  • Mark Donhowe
  • Melissa Elsbernd
  • Dawn Szabo
  • Paula Norby
  • Raymond Kieffer
  • Cindy Virta
  • Sherry Massman
  • Valerie Gassman
  • Wilma Bauer
  • Susan Duster
  • Kathryn Schwass
  • Nancy Gilmour
  • Stacey Duster
  • Sheila Becker
  • Val Kennedy
  • Mary Ricke
  • Kristen Dietz
  • Sara Miller
  • Julie Woodyard
  • Donald Frazer
  • Stephanie Grutz
  • Jane Rusk
  • Chris Entringer
  • Stephanie Dennler
  • Beth Rosenthal
  • Juliana Huiskamp
  • Brenda Sue Runyon
  • Tom and Joni Knopp
  • Doug Ropa
  • Mary Conzett
  • Karen McCarthy
  • Erin Powers Daley
  • Anonymous (7)

Silver Ticket

This Great Give Day you have the chance to help keep a student out of college loan debt. You can do this through what we call the "Silver Ticket".

All donors who make an online gift to Great Give Day have a chance to receive a "Silver Ticket". When you make a donation to NICC, no matter the dollar amount, your name will be entered into a drawing pool. Each time we raise $1,000 throughout the day, we will draw a name from the pool. You can watch the drawings on Facebook LIVE throughout the day. We will draw a new name each time we reach $1,000.

The donor whose name is drawn can nominate someone for the Foundation to award it to. A student can use the money to help cover the cost of tuition, books, supplies and fees. If the donor whose name is drawn does not have a student in mind, members of the NICC Advancement team can help you select a student.