TRN-100: Student Xpress Courseroom Tutorial

Northeast Iowa Community College is committed to ensuring a highly successful learning experience for all students in the online environment.  To best assist students in using the online courseroom at NICC, all students enrolling in online or hybrid courses must successfully complete an online tutorial that demonstrates how to use the unique features, tools and links within our Xpress courserooms. The tutorial, TRN-100: Student Xpress Courseroom Tutorial (TRN-100), is accessible from the Academics tab in Xpress. When logged into Xpress, choose “TRN-100: Student Xpress Course Tutorial” from the Academics drop-down menu. Click to view the TRN-100 tutorial brochure.

The tutorial is always available and can be completed and accessed at any time after acceptance to the College. The TRN-100 tutorial contains an embedded quiz that is a one-time requirement prior to, or soon after, course registration. The TRN-100 tutorial is beneficial to all students as many on-campus class instructors use the Xpress functions to provide the syllabus, grading, communication and additional resources for the course.