Business Summit 2024

Elevate the EVERYDAY with Black Tie Moments: Tailored for Sales, Customer Experience, Leadership, Entrepreneurship

Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2024
Time: 9-11 a.m.
Location: Peosta Campus

A Black Tie MOMENT is an unforgettable emotional moment that stays with us forever. Are you providing enough of these moments to your customers, clients, co-workers and businesses? Are there areas that you need to improve? The bar has gone up, and being average is no longer acceptable. This keynote presentation, delivered by speaker Dustin James, will share how you can elevate the everyday and generate a simple concept with a creative splash, establish a new business and generate a top-performing transformation. You will walk away with four rules to Elevate the Everyday with Black Tie MOMENTS for your customers, co-workers or business: how you show up matters, who cares about your competition, change the game and serve it up over-delivered.

Key Takeaways

  • Elevate the everyday experience
  • Turn a simple idea into a creative splash
  • Create an experience that is unforgettable

Keynote Speaker

Dustin James headshot

Dustin E. James is America’s Top Corporate Energizer. He is on a mission to elevate the workplace, helping corporations increase performance building, resilient, connected and creative leaders. A motivational speaking powerhouse, he takes energy and engagement to an entirely different level. Dustin has presented to more than 500,000 individuals in person and virtually throughout the United States.

Dustin’s interactive learning experiences motivate and inspire through massive crowd engagement, creativity and professional storytelling. Creativity is one of his calling cards, with 200+ stories to tailor for each of his events. Dustin is a top performer in four different industries, he is a proud husband and father of two, a serial entrepreneur, a TEDx Speaker and John Maxwell Certified Coach.




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