Business Summit 2020: Culture of Service, the Zappos Story

Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Time: 8 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
Location: Diamond Jo Casino, Dubuque

Are you ready to commit to your culture? Attend the Northeast Iowa Community College Business and Community Solutions Business Summit. The Business Summit gives you the access to experiences and perspectives of hundreds of business professionals facing the same challenges you face, while giving you the tools, strategies, and best practices to change the way you think as a leader and innovate the strategies you use in your work.

Registration and Fees

Fee: $149 by July 31; $195 after July 31

TRIHRA Members: $149 by October 21; $195 after October 21
(TRIHRA membership will be validated)


Culture of Service - The Zappos Story

By developing a company culture and committing to it, you can make a positive change within your organization. has grown their business because of their unique culture and the service they provide to their customers. Zappos Insights' "Speaker of The House," Erica Javellana, will share the Zappos core values system, their approach to customer service and employee engagement, and how this Culture of Service can be applied to any industry. Key takeaways:

  • Insights on defining what your company culture is and committing to it.
  • Incorporating your culture into your daily operations.
  • How empowering employees increases customer satisfaction.
  • Building stronger connections with customers.

Hiring and Firing for Culture Fit

Zappos Human Resources takes an unconventional approach in their hiring and firing processes. Erica will share how culture is important to a company's health and why it is at the core of the hiring and the firing process. Key takeaways:

  • Technical skills are important, but we believe hiring for culture fit is paramount to creating and scaling a great culture.
  • Terminating an employee is never easy. Being consistent and fair in how you share your values, acting on them when problems surface, sets the stage for your ability to terminate employees for culture reasons.
  • Commit to your company's values in all your hiring and firing decisions and processes.

Keynote Speaker

Erica JavellanaErica Javellana joined the Human Resources department at in 2007, where she quickly distinguished herself with the ability to blend her HR knowledge and the Zappos company culture. Erica's role as the employee relations manager helped create an unconventional Human Resources team that is both fun and "a little weird." In her role as "Speaker of the House" for Zappos Insights, she is sharing her experiences with’s culture and service. Prior to joining Zappos, Erica had more than 10 years of experience in human resources in the retail, hotel/casino, and food and beverage industries.



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