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City of Peosta to create housing complex on former Northeast Iowa Community College campus property

Friday, May 8, 2020

The student-centric building will offer both single and multi-bedroom suites with approximate occupancy of 200 students. Schulte estimates that construction would require 12-15 months for completion.

PEOSTA—The Northeast Iowa Community College Board of Trustees approved the transfer of the College-owned parcel of land immediately west of the Peosta campus main parking lot, next to the Fareway grocery store, for the development of student housing.

The College will transfer ownership of the land to the City of Peosta, in what is viewed as an exciting step for the College, the City and local communities, officials reported.

Through their ongoing facilities planning process, the College’s administration, staff, faculty and trustees have explored the possibility of student housing construction and its advantages for student recruitment and enhancement of the campus experience. 

Last fall, NICC administered a survey of all students to gather data on student opinion on housing and its benefits. In the survey results, nearly three-fourths of students indicated that establishing student housing on campus, or in close proximity to campus, would influence their decision to enroll and complete their education and training with the College. These results are especially important as NICC examines strategies that increase student enrollment in its district, as well as out-of-state and out-of-district students who live a greater distance from the programs, resources and facilities at the Peosta campus.

In similar fashion, the City of Peosta hired RDG Consultants in early 2020 to perform a community housing assessment. 

Wes Schulte, Merit Development, has worked closely with Straka Johnson Architects to design and develop the property. The student-centric building will offer both single and multi-bedroom suites with approximate occupancy of 200 students. Schulte estimates that construction would require 12-15 months for completion. No tuition, College or taxpayer funds will be used for the construction of the facility. 

“This proposed construction is a collaboration between the City and Northeast Iowa Community College that benefits our students, local businesses and economic development. The development would support the growth of the City of Peosta and community vitality,” explained NICC President Liang Chee Wee, Ph.D.

The project represents an approximately $10 million investment with a much larger potential economic impact spurred by the residence of 200 students. Much more valuable, however, will be the synergy created by the interaction among the student, residential and business sectors of Peosta.

Peosta Council Member John Kraft states, “One of the many benefits of this project includes the injection of vibrancy into our community. We look forward to becoming home to more of NICC’s student population as well as hosting their friends and family when they come to visit.”

This student housing project represents an incredible alignment of City and NICC values and visions. Through this partnership, the City and College have the distinct opportunity to leverage private investment to positively impact community vitality, student lives and business success. 

“This is the right project in the right location with the right partners.  The City of Peosta is extraordinarily proud to move forward this shared vision with Dr. Wee and NICC who have been a cornerstone for the growth and success of Peosta for the past 50 years,” said Kraft.