Housing Guides

Northeast Iowa Community College is a non-residential campus but does offer housing guides to assist students find off-campus housing options. The information contained herein is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all housing options available. Students are encouraged to research and investigate for themselves all housing options in the area.

These independently-owned, near-campus housing options feature apartment-style living. These complexes are within walking distance of campus. These units feature 1 to 4 bedroom apartment style units.

Similar to the independently-owned housing within walking distance of our campuses, students also have the option to choose from various apartments and living spaces throughout the NICC district.

Online Resources

Location Online Resources
Calmar, Decorah and Surrounding Area Wild Grove Apartments
Campus Drive Apartments
City of Calmar Rental Properties
City of West Union Housing
Decorah Area Real Estate for Rent
Dubuque, Peosta and Surrounding Area Access Dubuque
Cascade Area Rental Properties
City of Farley
College Suites
Dyersville Area Chamber Real Estate and Moving
Dyersville Commercial
Eastern Iowa Shopping News
Executive Management
Greater Dubuque Development Corporation Housing
Gronen Properties
Peosta Square

Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) does not own, manage, maintain authority over or endorse any of the properties or resources listed on this page. Housing options on this page are available solely to assist students in locating possible off-campus housing opportunities. NICC disclaims any responsibility for, but not limited to, the condition of any premise, terms or any lease of any landlord, treatment by any landlord or compliance with any zoning regulations. Students are responsible for inspecting the property and negotiating lease terms with any landlord. Any concerns regarding a lease should be taken to the property's management. For information on the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants, see the Iowa Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Law.

Housing providers and online resources with one or more unresolved complaint(s) with a NICC student(s) or a pattern of similar complaints regardless of resolution may be removed from the NICC housing webpage. At its absolute discretion, and for any reason or no reason, NICC reserves the right to remove any and all housing units and/or online resources from the NICC housing webpage at any time.

For more information, call 833.642.2338 or email admissions@nicc.edu