Housing Guides

Northeast Iowa Community College is a non-residential campus but does offer housing guides to assist students find the best off-campus housing option. Opening fall of 2022, College Suites will provide housing options for students just steps from the Peosta campus.

The housing guides provide a listing of rental properties within close proximity of each campus and includes information provided by the property owners. The College is not affiliated with and does not endorse any property included in the housing guides. Students are responsible for inspecting all properties and fully understanding any housing agreement.

Calmar Rentals

Calmar Contacts
ContactsContact Number(s)
Amy Christensen 563.562.3623 (8-5pm) or 563.379.1418 (anytime)
Teri and Ryan Denner, Denner Holdings LLC 563.920.5654
College View/The Towers Apartments (702-704 NICC Dr) 563.562.2472, www.idealpmllc.com
Lowell & Lisa Hageman: Clark Street Rentals 563.203.1707, 563.203.0930
Campus Drive Apartments 641.229.5243 www.rezultsdriven.com/apartments.html
Courtney Huinker 563.379.4401
Eugene Humpal 563.419.3896
Jeanie Kirkeberg 319.240.6813
Kevin or Kris Kulish 563.562.5066, 563.380.5462
Judy Lensing 563.380.8002
Sue Myhre 507.450.7259
Pat Nervig 563.379.3197
Cheryl Phillips (after 6 p.m.) 641.394.3808
Don or Karen Schroeder 563.419.2591
Jason Soland 563.379.0938
Luke Timp 563.380.9927
Becky Ziman 877.474.7551, ext. 112


5 Miles from Campus

Festina Contacts
 ContactsContact Number(s)
Dan & Wendy Kuennen 563.534.7740

Fort Atkinson

5 Miles from Campus

Fort Atkinson Contacts
 ContactsContact Number(s)
Richard Busta 563.419.5324
Dean & Nancy Franzen 563.419.2921
Nathan Stee 563.380.2207
Renee Wagner 563.419.8647


7 Miles from Campus

Spillville Contacts
 ContactsContact Number(s)
Colleen Kray 563.562.3354
Mark Ptacek 641.330.1919


8 Miles from Campus

Ossian Contacts
 ContactsContact Number(s)
Joan Ameling 563.419.2624
Regan Becker 563.532.9120
Kyle Bugenhagen 563.419.9818
Jane Fosaaen 563.532.9039
Lowell & Lisa Hageman: Clark Street Rentals 563.203.1707, 563.203.0930
Kevin or Kris Kulish 563.562.5066, 563.380.5462
Tony & LouAnn Langreck 563.532.9209
Luke Timp 563.380.9927


12 Miles from Campus

Decorah Contacts
 ContactsContact Number(s)
Gary Otterness 800.250.2948

West Union

16 Miles from Campus

West Union Contacts
 ContactsContact Number(s)
Pam Lande Rogers 563.380.1920


18 Miles from Campus

Lawler Contacts
 ContactsContact Number(s)
Linda Kobliska 319.269.8980, 641.364.2014


24 Miles from Campus

Fayette Contacts
 ContactsContact Number(s)
Kyle Bugenhagen 563.419.9818
Darrell & Tammy Schmitt 563.380.1001


25 miles from Campus

Elgin Contacts
 ContactsContact Number(s)
Kyle Bugenhagen 563.419.9818

Lime Springs

36 Miles from Campus

Lime Springs Contacts
 ContactsContact Number(s)
Erin Runde 641.903.7696, runderealestate.com


Peosta Contacts
NameContact Information
Eastern Iowa Regional Housing Authority 563.556.4166, 800.942.4648
Shari Greenwood 563.542.2097
Lana Richter, Hillcrest Acquisition 563.239.1122
Fall '22 College Suites (https://collegesuitespeosta.com 563.822.0700


5-9 Miles from Campus

Epworth/Farley Contacts
NameContact Information
Dick Anstoetter 563.744.3197
Craig & Lisa Breitbach 563.744.9999
Rosie Brietbach 563.744.3947
Bill Conrad 563.876.3727
Dave Errthum 563.870.5500
Gardens Apartments (Jessica) 563.580.2327
Ron Heaton 563.744.3223
Jim Heister 563.876.3702
Sandra Kupensky 563.744.3179
Jim Lehman 563.744.3005
Joyce McDermott 563.876.3113
Jason Rauen 563.599.8898
Ed Schaul 563.927.4232
Jim Schaul 563.929.0111
Ron Schaul 563.744.3427


11-13 Miles from Campus

Asbury/Dubuque Contacts
NameContact Information
Alverno Apartments Incorporated 563.582.2364
Bishop Block Apartments 563.583.4394
Nancy and Dan Breitbach 815.747.3782
Angie Brown or Margie White: Genesis Two Management 563.582.8150
Commerce Park Place Apartments (Jessica) 563.580.2327
Ken Cook 563.557.2665
Executive Management & Real Estate Ltd. 563.556.1605
Fischer Company, Jerry Bell 563.583.3526
Peggy Gibson 563.580.9960
Gronen Properties, Loft/Apartments in Millwork District 563.557.7010, millwork@gronenproperties.com
Hillcrest Apartments 563.556.3900
Kennedy Manor Apartments 563.556.5125
Lori Nelson 563.582.0634
Pleasant View Apartments (Jessica) 563.580.2327
Katie Pothoff 563.557.7706
Nancy Stock 319.556.2332
Connie Welp 563.258.1404
Lana Richter, Hillcrest Acquisition 563.239.1122
Shirley Armstrong 563.451.6773, hilby68@msn.com


15 miles from Campus

Dyersville Contacts
NameContact Information
Mark Breitbach 563.875.2349
Dave Brunkan 563.875.7321
Larry Drees 563.875.7321
Gary Jasper 563.875.7907
Bob Koch 563.875.7465
Jerry Koch 563.875.2402
Joan Kramer 563.875.8590
Ted Oswald 888.488.4601
Diane Powers 563.875.7059
Carol Ruden 563.875.8261
Tim Singsank 563.875.2200
Doris Steger 563.875.2528
Dan Willenborg 563.875.7752


Zwingle Contacts
NameContact Information
Ginny Gansen 563.879.3711

Online Resources

Online Contacts
Resource TitleWebsite
Cascade, Iowa City of Cascade Website
Dubuque Housing Greater Dubuque Development Corporation  
Dubuque Telegraph Herald Access Dubuque
Dyersville Area Chamber Dyersville Chamber Website
Dyersville Commercial Dyersville Commercial
Eastern Iowa Shopping News Shopping News
Executive Management Executive Management Website
Farley, Iowa City of Farley Website
Gronen Properties Gronen Properties

Northeast Iowa Community College disclaims any responsibility for, but not limited to, the condition of any premise, terms or any lease of any landlord, or compliance with any zoning regulations. For information on the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants, see the Summary of Iowa Landlord and Tenant Law.