Should a medical emergency occur on campus which necessitates medical service, a referral will be made to a local medical facility. If a student has another choice for medical services of an emergency nature, this request will be honored. The student and/or parents will be responsible for medical expenses incurred.

Students are encouraged to enroll in a student health insurance program to assure protection in the event of illness or injury if they are not covered under a current plan. Health insurance brochures from a variety of companies providing no or low-cost individual or family coverage are available online or in the Financial Aid Office.

Immunization Policies

Northeast Iowa Community College does not have a College-wide immunization policy. However, several programs at NICC have immunization policies based on field placement and clinical requirements. Please view the individual program of interest in order to learn more about its immunization policy.

Most immunizations can be obtained at local pharmacies, medical centers or public health offices.