Cresco Center

The Cresco Center offers year-round, day, evening, credit and professional development classes. The center also supports training opportunities for local businesses. Course instruction is offered via Zoom, face-to-face and online for both high school students and adult learners.

Services Provided

Admission Assistance

  • Stop by/schedule an appointment at the Cresco Center for assistance with applying to the college.
  • Submit official high school, high school equivalency, and/or college transcripts to the campus you plan to attend. You can also drop them off at the Cresco Center.
  • Schedule an appointment to take your placement testing at the Cresco Center (ACCUPLACER® reading and Writing and ALEKS® math assessment).

Placement Test Scheduling

  • Complete ACCUPLACER® reading and writing assessment and ALEKS® math assessment for course placement at the Cresco Center.
  • Assessments may be waived based on previous college coursework or submission of valid ACT®, ACT Compass® or ALEKS® test scores. ACCUPLACER® scores are valid for three years, and ALEKS® scores are valid for 18 months.
  • Schedule your appointment by contacting the Cresco Center.
  • We are available to hold testing Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 7am-5pm and Tuesdays and Fridays 7am-3pm.

Financial Aid Assistance

  • Schedule an appointment by contacting the Cresco Center for assistance completing your FAFSA.
  • Complete your FAFSA online.
  • Inquire about scholarship and/or grant opportunities for certificate programs.

Academic Advising and Course Registration

  • Schedule an appointment by contacting the Cresco Center.
  • Course advising and registration for credit and non-credit programming.
  • Face to face, Zoom and online classes available.
  • You can also search the full college catalog for credit courses.

College Credit for High School Students

  • High School students may be able to earn college credit at NICC while still in high school. Stop by the Cresco Center to learn more.
  • College and Career Connection is a program that exposes students to high-demand career areas and sets them on the pathway to career and educational success beyond high school. The program provides work-based learning opportunities for students in partnership with local businesses. Contact the Cresco Center to learn more.
  • Learn more about earning college credit while in high school.

Be Your Own Boss Camp 2023

Upcoming Courses at Cresco


Transportation Courses
Date Course Title
September 20 - October 18, 2023 High School Driver Education - Howard-Winneshiek School District

Personal Enrichment

Personal Enrichment Courses
Date Course Title
October 11, 2023 Let's Paint Sunset Silhouettes - 5th & 6th Grade
October 18, 2023 Paint Van Gogh's Sunflowers in a Starry Night - 7th & 8th Grade
October 26, 2023 Pumpkin Painting & Games for Kids
November 4 - November 16, 2023 Mosaic Magic