College and Career Connection

College and Career Connection (CCC) (formerly called Career Learning Link) is a program that exposes students to high-demand career areas and sets them on the pathway to career and educational success beyond high school. The program provides work-based learning opportunities for students in partnership with local businesses.

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** Due to COVID-19, on-site work-based learning is limited, but we have new virtual experiences. Let us know how we can help you. **

Benefits for Students and Educators

  • Students (and parents!) save time and money by knowing the career path to follow after high school.
  • Career coaches work with students to find the right post-graduation plan.
  • Opportunities for job shadows, internships and career mentoring.

Benefits for Business Partners

  • Recruit future workforce by connecting with schools and individual students.
  • Provide professional development to teachers regarding careers in your industry through workshops and externships.
  • Serve as a career mentor to a student interested in your field of work.

College and Career Connection Resources

Statewide Intermediary Resources

Dubuque Area Virtual Events (open district-wide)

In partnership with Dubuque Area Labor-Management Council. Virtual recordings of job shadows in the fields of Marketing and Social Media, Business, Sales, Advanced Manuf, and 1st Generation College Bound, and Healthcare.

Employer & Educator Forms and Resources

Department of Education - Sectors of Opportunity - Iowa Career Pathway Mapping Projects

Department of Education - Industry Toolkits

Upcoming Events

Sept 7 Gundersen Health Systems Exploratory Surgery Day 8am-12pm La Crosse Students
Sept 16 Future Ready Iowa Summit Des Moines Teachers/Counselors/Admin
Sept 27 Ag CTE Teacher Tours with AEA   Teachers
Sept 28 Simulator Immersion Experience | NICC Calmar Campus Calmar Students
Sept 28 Mission Recovery Summit with IWD Calmar Adults
Sept 29 FCS CTE Teacher Tours with AEA   Teachers
Oct. 1 Delaware County Advanced Manufacturing Day Manchester Students
Oct. 4 NICC Career Services Healthcare Career Fair 12-3pm Peosta Students
Oct. 5 Simulator - Dubuque County/Peosta Campus Peosta Students
Oct. 6 Simulator - Howard County/NICC Cresco Center Cresco Students
Oct. 6 3rd Annual Construction Career Day  U of W Platteville  Students
Oct. 11 NICC Career Services Healthcare Career Fair 12-3pm Calmar Students
Oct. 12 Business CTE Teacher Tours with AEA   Teachers
Oct. 12 NICC Calmar Career Pathway Day Calmar Students
Oct. 13 Simulator - Clayton County/Elkader AEA Elkader Students
Oct. 14 NICC Peosta Career Pathway Day Peosta Students
Oct. 14 Simulator - Fayette County/NICC Oelwein RAMS/RTC Center Oelwein Students
Oct. 19 Electric Cooperative Exploratory Career Day Postville Students
Oct. 20 Simulator - Chickasaw County/New Hampton High School New Hampton  
Oct. 26 NICC Career Services Agriculture Career Fair Calmar Dairy Cntr Students
Oct. 27 Simulator - Alamakee County - NICC Waukon Center Waukon  
Oct. 28 Grades 9-10 Grade Girls STEM Conference Iowa State Univ Students
Sept 16 Future Ready Iowa Summit Des Moines Teachers/Counselors/Admin
Nov. 2 NICC Career Services Industrial Technology Career Fair Peosta Students
Nov. 9 IT CTE Teacher Tours   Teachers
Nov. 13 Cub Scouts Coding Event 1-3pm Peosta Students
Nov 24 Gundersen Health Systems Exploratory Surgery Day 8am-12pm La Crosse Students
Dec. 1 NICC Cresco Center & RHS Healthcare Careers Event Cresco Students
Jan. 31 NICC Career Services Healthcare Career Fair Peosta Students
Feb. 2 Women's Leadership/Empowerment Event 9am-1pm Calmar Students
Feb. 7 NICC Career SErvices Healthcare Career Fair Calmr Students
Mar. 8 NICC Hosting AEA Science Fair - Calmar Campus Calmar Students
Mar. 10 NICC Hosting AEA Science Fair - Peosta Campus Peosta Students
Apr. 13 NICC 8th Grade Career Exploration Fair | UIU Fayette UIU-Fayette Students
Apr. 28 (Tentative) | STEM Festival | Luther College Decorah Students
TBD UNI Syndavar Lab Experience (Fall 2021) Cedar Falls Students
TBD Counseling Psychology: The In's & Out's at Luther College Job Shadow and Visit Decorah Students
TBD Anamosa State Penitentiary Career Experience Anamosa Students


At the day-long program at the Mayo Clinic, I performed six mock orthopedic surgeries and biomechanical engineering experiments. The Perry Outreach program and the Career Learning Link partnership allowed me to grasp a better understanding of what surgeons and engineers really do on a day-to-day basis.

Isabelle Breitfelder
West Delaware High School graduate

“Winneshiek Medical Center has offered job shadows, tours, and experiential learning to students across the area for decades. Because experience is one of the key methods of learning used in health care, it was a natural fit to partner with the Career Learning Link to continue offering these experiences. Our collaboration with NICC College and Career Connection is important because it gives us the opportunity to connect with the bright and dedicated youth in the area who may one day become our employees.”

Elly Lensch, MLS
Winneshiek Medical Center Education Department

 “My students began to see the benefits of the program right away through working with their career coach, going on job shadows and self-reflection. Participating in the College and Career Connection is for every student who wants to give their future a jump start.”

Jodi Ehlers, Business Teacher and School-to-Work Coordinator
Edgewood-Colesburg High School