Safety and Security

The Northeast Iowa Community College Safety and Security Plan is intended to provide general rules in emergency preparedness, safety and health, and to establish basic procedures to implement the Plan.

The Safety and Security Plan serves as a guide to organize and direct related programs in each division and department of the college. The guidelines include all facilities occupied or operated by an officially recognized group of students, college staff, faculty, or authorized users. This plan is published and updated by the college's Safety and Security Committee. The committee meets once per month, or as needed, to review and revise safety and health guidance, policies and procedures.

Download the full Safety and Security Plan (PDF).

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  • Security and Crime Prevention
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The Clery Act

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act) is a federal law requiring all institutions of higher education to report campus crime data, support victims of violence, and publicly outline the policies and procedures they have put into place to improve campus safety. 

You can learn more about the Clery Act by visiting the U.S. Department of Education website or the Clery Center website.

View the Campus Security Report (PDF).

Reporting an Incident

If the incident threatens the health and/or safety of an individual or the College community or emergency medical care is necessary, call 911 IMMEDIATELY.

Report It! Form

If you are involved in an accident, have a work-related injury or illness or suffer from property damage/loss, or theft, etc., you are required to fill out the Report It! Form within 24 hours of the incident by the student, employee or supervisor.

Incident of Concern Form

NICC community members and stakeholders may use the Incident of Concern Form to report concerning, disturbing or suspicious behavior and/or possible Conduct Code violations.  All reports are investigated to determine an appropriate course of action. An Incident of Concern form may be completed anonymously. However, without the identity and contact information of the person submitting the report, the College's efforts to fully investigate the concern and resolve the incident will be limited.


In the event of a complaint with college services, we encourage you to address this directly with the faculty, staff or department involved. In the event that the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily through this informal process, a Complaint Form may be submitted. The complaint will be routed to the appropriate college personnel for review and resolution. NICC is committed to appropriate resolution of complaints in a timely manner. Please include contact information so that the College may contact you, if needed, for further information and/or to provide information on the resolution of the complaint.

Learn more about the Complaint Policy and Procedure.

Cyber Security Suspicious Activity

Contact the NICC Helpdesk at 844.642.2335, ext. 555 or to report technology related suspicious activity or a cyber security event.