The purpose of the Assessment Committee is to promote continuous improvement in the quality of teaching and learning at Northeast Iowa Community College by facilitating the identification and assessment of student learning outcomes utilizing its cross-discipline and cross-divisional structure.

Student learning outcomes are those skills, abilities, attitudes and behaviors that are most likely to contribute to student success, both as a student at NICC and graduation. The Assessment Committee also provides training and information resources to help faculty improve teaching by integrating and assessing student learning in their individual courses, at the program-level and at the campus-wide level.


NICC joined the June 2016 Assessment Academy cohort. During the initial meeting the group developed an over-arching theme called Celebrating Learning And Student Success (CLASS) as the primary project for the College. There are three major threads to the project:

  1. Fully developing Common Learning Outcomes (CLOs) with systematic, repeatable processes that promote analysis and change.
  2. Using and promoting data as a tool for change and improvement.
  3. Creating a system for personal and professional growth for the College to promote a better understanding of learning and the role that every employee of the college plays in that process.