Common Learning Outcomes

Common Learning Outcomes (CLOs) define the expectations of a Northeast Iowa Community College education and provide the benchmarks against which the College holds itself accountable.

Think Critically

  • Locate, interpret, and use information effectively; and/or
  • Use intellectually disciplined processes (conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating) to solve problems.

Communicate Effectively

  • Convey information through verbal, written, technological or visual means.

Apply Knowledge and Skills to Life

  • Utilize workforce readiness skills; (technical and soft-skills) and/or
  • Apply the principles of mathematics, science, humanities and technology in personal, academic, and working-world situations; and/or
  • Manage finances effectively.

Value Self and Others

  • Work cooperatively as a member of a team; and/or
  • Appreciate diversity and its benefits; and/or
  • Make ethical decisions that respect the rights, values, and beliefs of others.