Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan and planning process is collaborative, systematic and ongoing to ensure the College is making data-driven decisions that provide clear, consistent goals that moves NICC forward through continuous improvement.

2022-2025 Strategic Goals and Priorities

Advance Our People

Build a strong, collaborative team that is creative, forward thinking, solution-oriented and respectful of the individuality and diversity of its members.

  • Continue to create a culture of service, respect, innovation, stewardship, integrity and resiliency.
  • Focus on the development, retention and engagement of our employees.

Inspire Our Consumer

Provide high-quality, innovative, affordable and responsive programming.

  • Expand guided career pathways to align with effective practices.
  • Publish and implement the updated 2023-25 strategic enrollment management (SEM) plan.
  • Create innovative educational systems that foster faculty and student engagement, quality curriculum and outcomes that prepare the student for employment of further education.
  • Build stronger engagement with high schools and business partners.
  • Streamline credit for prior learning that is easy for the consumer to complete.
  • Enhance the recruitment model by providing intentional cross training with all staff focusing on high school equivalency diploma (HSED) through credit enrollment.

Elevate Our Organization

Foster an environment that is safe, collaborative, resilient and nimble.

  • Implement a vibrant Master Facilities Plan focused on preventative maintenance, assessment, planning, building health, safety and educational flexibility.
  • Implement and expand technology infrastructure that is equitable for all.
  • Promote sustainable practices in campus operations. 

Strengthen Our Finances

Establish risk-tolerant financial strategies that are resilient to market and economic tensions.

  • Continue to enhance our budget process that supports our people, consumer, organization and financial strategic goals.
  • Expand our educational footprint outside of Iowa.
  • Utilize prudent stewardship, create financial growth and efficiency.
  • Implement new consumer revenue streams to supplement/complement core streams.