Contracted Hours and Fees

Contracted hours are agreed upon between the directors and the parent/guardian each semester. The parent/guardian is required to sign a contract agreement and will receive a copy of the agreement. The original contract will be placed in the child’s file. Parents will contract for child care hours on a semester basis and pay for the hours contracted, whether used or not.

There is an annual $25.00 per family registration fee (non-refundable) that is billed to parents at the start of the fall semester or when a child is placed on the waiting list. A child can be placed on the waiting list as soon as all of the required forms are completed and presented to the director(s) and the registration fee is paid.

No child will be scheduled for child care services until a contract is signed. The parent/guardian is financially responsible for the contracted hours, plus any overtime accumulated during the week. Daily staffing and food preparation for the center are based on attendance. You need to notify the center by 8 a.m. if your child will be absent. Failure to do so three times will result in loss of child care privileges.


Age of Child Rate
Calmar Rates
Infants/Ones $4.45/hour
Twos $4.20/hour
Preschool $4.10/hour


Age of Child Rate
Peosta Rates
Infant I $4.65/hour
Infant II $4.65/hour
Toddler (2's) $4.40/hour
Preschool I $4.25/hour
Preschool II $4.25/hour
School Age $4.40/hour

Payments for child care are due as soon as totals are posted on the computer. When you check in, your total is posted on your screen. Please pay promptly. At the end of each semester, CDC accounting must be closed out. All bills need to be paid in full at this time.