We understand coronavirus has made your education more challenging; that is why we are offering 20% off your Winterim tuition. Winterim classes are online, only five-weeks and you can choose from algebra, astronomy, developmental psychology, world geography, natural resources conservation and world civilization II. Technical support will be available and you will have free access to online tutoring 24/7.

Winterim 2020: December 17, 2020 - January 20, 2021

Register for Classes

Students have the option of enrolling in up to two classes and are encouraged to confirm with an advisor that your classes meet the requirements of your program of study and/or transfer to your four-year college/university.

Please keep the following in mind when completing your application for admission:

  • Program of Study
    • Choose "Not Seeking a Degree" if you are NOT planning to receive financial aid for Winterim or you are NOT seeking a degree from the College.
    • Choose "Associate of Arts" if you plan to receive financial aid for Winterim.
  • Your Location: Choose "Online"
  • Start Semester: Choose "Winterim"

View additional registration information. Textbooks will be available for purchase at the NICC online bookstore.

Tuition and Fees

Winterim classes are offered at the current tuition and fee rates. The 20% off Winterim tuition discount is taken off the tuition rate only. Winterim tuition payments are due December 10, 2020. Students can access their tuition statement and make payments within Self-Service.

Financial aid is available for Winterim classes and is included in your spring award. To qualify for financial aid you must be accepted into a degree/diploma program at the College, submit your 2020-2021 FAFSA and ensure your financial aid file is complete.

Students who wish to cancel their registration or drop a course must notify the Student Services Office before the first day of the semester or class to avoid tuition/fees assessment. Students who withdraw from NICC or drop a course may be eligible for a refund/adjustment of their tuition and fees. Refunds/adjustments of tuition and fees are calculated based on the start date of the course. Calendar days, less holidays and weekends, are used for calculations regardless of the number of class meetings.

4-7 Week Courses

Days from StartRefund Amount
1 - 2 days 100% tuition and course fees
3 - 4 days 50% tuition and course fees

View winterim frequently asked questions.