Customized Solutions

Northeast Iowa Community College Business and Community Solutions is committed to the success of Iowa businesses. We understand that every organization, large or small, is unique and offer customized solutions that align with your needs. We have the expertise and experience to provide you with responsive services that make a real difference in the growth of your organization and your bottom line.

How it Works

Our training is fully customized to address the needs and objectives of our clients. These solutions put your business’ training needs in action through our seven-step system.


  • Through needs analysis, we get to know the ins and outs of your business and discuss learning objectives, delivery methods and outcomes.
  • Our team identifies topics and content based on the needs analysis.

Development and Delivery

  • Training solutions are developed with customized content, examples and exercises to meet your unique objectives and outcomes.
  • A trainer with expertise in your needs area is hand-selected to work with you to fine tune your training objectives to ensure success.
  • Our experts deliver interactive training to educate and inspire participants while meeting your objectives.

Follow-Up and Coaching

  • Northeast Iowa Community Colleges want you to be 100 percent satisfied with your training and will work with you until all expectations are met.
  • Following training, coaching is a critical element to maximize your investment.

Solutions for Every Business

Northeast Iowa Community College provides customized solutions to help you build a better team, develop new talent, deepen critical thinking and enhance your employees’ technical skills. Our experts will work with your team to develop and execute training in several areas.

Career Development: Investing in professional development can directly impact the success of your company. Our training is designed to improve employee efficiency, productivity, morale and retention. Soft skills such as communication, writing, customer service, interpersonal topics related to multi-generations in the workplace, emotional intelligence and change management can all be customized to your needs.

Information Technology: Computer experts are vital to any organization. Those who can troubleshoot systems, write back-end code and manage networks are in high demand. Our custom training ranges from basic, intermediate and advanced systems and networking skills, to employee upskilling on targeted Microsoft® Office Suite software.

Industrial Technology: Technological innovations are rapidly changing the industrial and manufacturing settings. Our in-depth, hands-on training is developed to expand your employees’ skills. Training areas include but are not limited to AutoCAD, Blueprint Reading, Industrial Pumps Fundamentals, Gas Metal Arc or Metal Inert Gas Welding, Programmable Logic Controllers, Robotic Welding and SolidWorks.

Quality & Productivity Improvement: We believe a consultative approach to process improvement allows us to fully understand your challenges and objectives to ensure a significant return on investment. Our customized, on-site solutions include workplace lean, value stream mapping, Six Sigma and more. Training is developed by facilitators with real-world experience and delivered with exceptional client experiences and satisfaction in mind.

Health & Safety: An excellent safety program is one of your company’s greatest assets. Northeast Iowa Community College is well equipped to provide you with consultation to develop, maintain and execute a custom safety program facilitated by qualified, professional instructors. We can assist you with CPR and First Aid training, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) training and more.

View our full list of Customized Training Options. We’d love to connect with you about even more customized solutions. Complete the Request More Information form and receive a complimentary customized training eBook.

“NICC is a strong partner of HODGE. Every year we work with NICC to provide training opportunities to our staff and 2020 was no exception. We were able to expand our training efforts over the past year and worked closely with NICC to create a warehouse technician training program for employees new to the industry. We were also able to provide upskill courses to existing staff on a wide range of topics, from computer and soft skills to leadership development. We are fortunate to have such a strong local partner and know our workforce appreciates the opportunity.”

Jordan Fullan, HODGE

Improving Skills in the Workplace for English Language Learners

At Northeast Iowa Community College, we customize Integrated English Learning and Civics Education (IELCE) classes to help English Language Learners (ELL) improve their communication skills, employability and cultural awareness in the American workforce. Our program meets local businesses and their ELL employees' unique needs, providing a curriculum covering basic skills such as math, reading and writing in English and specific language skills for their jobs. 

The College also aims to retain and engage immigrant employees by assimilating them to the standards of the American workforce. Participants are already a part of the workforce in this program and we work closely with their employers to support them in their ongoing career development.

Consulting Services

Northeast Iowa Community College understands the value of flexible, needs-oriented training and provides consulting services from development to implementation that can make a real difference in the growth of your organization. Our experts work with you every step of the way to ensure you are 100 percent satisfied and objectives are met. Consulting services are focused on three areas: your people, your organization and your process. 

People: We help facilitate the development of skills and abilities such as leadership assessment, executive coaching and human resource functions. 

Organization: We can help you strengthen your performance through analysis of culture, organizational assessments, business strategies and succession planning.

Process: We streamline performance by addressing productivity, strategic planning and process improvement at every level of your organization.

Strategic Thinking and Planning for Businesses and Non-profits

Business and non-profit leaders who are looking for a way to move their organizations forward with strategic planning need look no further. By engaging with a new, local and experienced collection of executive leaders, the process of strategic planning and implementation can be made easy, cost-effective and enjoyable.

The Strategy Consulting Group is designed to take professional development and consulting to a new level. The group is led by local people with knowledge of our region. They use highly customizable processes that work across all for-profit and non-profit sectors. Because of their years of experience and leadership, the members of The Strategy Consulting Group deliver what clients want and need. High-performance outcomes through the strategic planning process are created together by the group and their clients.

“The Strategic Consulting Group through Northeast Iowa Community College has been nothing short of exceptional to work with as part of a fresh strategic planning engagement here at Hillcrest Family Services. Their team is uniquely talented, diverse in knowledge and experience, and extraordinarily familiar with the resources, needs and partners within the local communities that Hillcrest serves.”

Michael C. Fidgeon, President and CEO, Hillcrest Family Services

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