Student Accounts Billing FAQs

How do I view my billing account statement?

By logging into your Self Service for Students, you are able to view your account statement under Student Finance.

When is my bill due?

Tuition is due one week prior to the Semester starting, or at the time of registration if after that date.

What if I decide to take additional course after my first bill is already issued?

Tuition will be due at the time of registration and your student account statement will be automatically updated after registration. Please remember adding an additional course may also adjust your aid.

What happens if I drop a course? Will my tuition be adjusted?

Please refer to our Tuition Refund Policy page.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my bill?

  • Physical Locations
    • Calmar: Darwin L. Schrage Building
    • Peosta: Cougar Store
  • Phone: 844.642.2338, ext. 1204 or ext. 1424
  • Email:

How do 529 plans work?

Many states and financial services institutions offer 529 savings programs for families to save money for a child's college education. Each entity has separate rules and regulations governing how funds may be used and how to have monies sent to NICC. Always check with your provider about how and when to request release of funds, as well as what documents, such as an electronic copy of the student's bill, are needed.

Where should I send my 529 plan payment?

Northeast Iowa Community College
Attn: Finance Office
1625 Hwy 150 S
PO Box 400
Calmar, IA 52132

Please include students name and ID number to insure timely processing.

What is the effect of Collection Agency Placement?

If the past due account holder cannot be reached and/or a satisfactory payment plan arranged, the account is then referred to a third-party collection agency to pursue collection efforts on behalf of NICC. Accounts placed with a third-party collection agency may be reported to the credit bureaus as allowed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This means that not only will account holders be restricted from registering for classes and requesting transcripts, they may also be adversely impacted when trying to apply for a loan, rent an apartment, etc. It is very important that account holders pay any debt timely and responsibly so that the third-party collection scenario can be avoided.

What if my check is returned?

If a check or electronic check payment posted to your student account is returned by the bank because of insufficient funds, closed account, invalid account number, or other reason(s), the returned check payment amount, plus a returned check fee, will be charged back to your student account. You will receive an e-mail notice regarding the returned check. The returned check fee is assessed for each returned item, regardless of the amount of each returned check.

What if I received an outside scholarship?

Outside scholarship (Ex: Dollars for Scholars, local organization) checks made payable to NICC or NICC and Student need to be mailed to:

Northeast Iowa Community College
Attn: Finance Office
1625 Hwy 150 S
PO Box 400
Calmar, IA 52132

If you receive the check it may be dropped off for receipting to your student account at the Calmar Finance Office or Peosta Bookstore. Please be sure to endorse with your name if the check was made payable to both the student and NICC. Please include student ID number.

**NICC recommends that outside scholarship checks be made only payable to NICC so as not to delay receipting. Due to online courses and remote locations, including the students name requires further contact which could delay receipting.