Finance Office

Student Tuition and Fees Account Information

Students can view their account information in MyCampus > Self-Service for Students > Student Finance. Current semester charges and adjustments for tuition and fees are automatically posted to student accounts. Tuition and fees for the next semester are posted to student accounts approximately eight weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Student Registration Statements

Students will receive an initial text message and emails (to both NICC email address and any personal email addresses on file) notifying them that their statement is ready for viewing in their Self-Service account. Email notifications will also be sent to all registered students starting three weeks prior to the tuition and fees due date. This email notification will be a reminder to the student about due dates for tuition and fees. Students will be responsible to view their account information in My Campus > Self-Service for Students > Student Finance and make appropriate financial arrangements by the due date.

Class Withdrawal

Students wishing to withdraw from a class must notify the appropriate Student Services Office. Refunds or adjustments will be based on the date officially recorded on the withdrawal form. Funds received from Title IV programs (Pell grants, SEOGs, state aid and federal loans) will be prorated in accordance with federal guidelines. Please check with the Financial Aid Office to see how withdrawal will affect your aid.