Course Delivery Methods

Northeast Iowa Community College offers students multiple options when taking courses ranging from traditional face-to-face to completely online.

  • Face-to-Face: Courses conducted in a physical classroom setting. These courses integrate direct interaction with instructors and peers. While primarily focused on in-person teaching methods like lectures, discussions, and group activities, they may also incorporate digital tools through Brightspace, the College’s online Learning Management System (LMS), for distributing class materials, submitting assignments, and accessing grades.

  • Online: Offered entirely via the internet, these courses maintain the same academic rigor as traditional classes. They leverage Brightspace, the College’s online Learning Management System (LMS), for all aspects of learning, including lectures, assignments, and interactions. Students engage with multimedia resources such as video lectures, discussion forums, and interactive media, allowing for a flexible learning schedule.

  • Online Asynchronous: These courses provide the ultimate flexibility, enabling students to access course materials and complete assignments at their own pace, within established deadlines. This format is ideal for students needing to balance studies with personal and professional commitments.

  • Online Synchronous: Conducted live via online platforms at scheduled times, these courses allow real-time interaction with instructors and classmates, replicating a traditional classroom experience in a virtual environment.

  • Video Conference: These courses are broadcast live from a central location to students in various locations. Equipped with two-way audio and video technology, these classrooms allow for interactive and dynamic learning experiences, closely resembling traditional in-person classes.

  • Hybrid: Merging online and in-person instruction, hybrid courses primarily utilize online platforms for content delivery (over 51%), complemented by occasional in-person sessions. This blend offers a balanced approach, reducing the need for regular on-campus attendance while retaining the benefits of face-to-face interaction.

  • Competency-Based: Focused on mastery learning, CBE allows students to progress through a course based on their understanding and demonstration of competencies. It caters to diverse learning paces and acknowledges prior knowledge, offering a personalized and flexible learning trajectory.

  • Z-Degree: These 8-week courses are provided in a fully online, asynchronous format with zero cost for course materials.

  • Web-Enhanced: These courses integrate online elements into traditional face-to-face, video conference, or clinical instruction. A significant portion of the course (less than 50%) is delivered through our online platform, supplementing the primary in-person teaching methods.
  Location Brightspace Mode of Delivery Meeting Time Lab
Traditional, Face-to-Face On campus or at a service location. X Traditional classroom Scheduled  X
Online (Asynchronous) From a distance. X Computer or Mobile Device On-Demand X
Online Synchronous From a distance. X Computer or Mobile Device Scheduled  X
Video Conference Face-to-face and from a distance. X Instructors are in a classroom with two-way audio & video while students are in a remote classroom. Scheduled   
Hybrid Combination of face-to-face and from a distance. X More than 51 percent of course is delivered online, the remainder is face-to-face. Scheduled Recorded On-Demand X
Web Enhanced Combination of face-to-face and from a distance. X Less than 50 percent is delivered online, remainder occurs face-to-face. Scheduled Recorded On-Demand X