Online and Distance Learning FAQs

What are the different course delivery methods?

When are online courses offered?

  • Courses are scheduled throughout the year during the College‚Äôs fall, spring and summer semesters.
  • Some online courses are offered in 8-week sessions.

What is the cost of online or hybrid courses?

  • Tuition is the same for all College credit courses. Online and hybrid courses have an additional technology fee.

Are online and hybrid courses eligible for financial aid?

Do online and hybrid courses transfer?

How do I register for an online or hybrid course?

  • The registration process is the same for all College courses.

Can I go at my own pace?

  • Students are expected to log into Brightspace by D2L several times a week to participate in discussion boards or listen to lectures. Students can work at their own pace within the schedule of assignments and due dates set by their instructor. Course requirements will be specified by each individual instructor and the needs of the subject matter.

How do online and face-to-face courses compare?

  • The academic rigor, course objectives and goals in an online course are the same as its on-campus counterpart. The expectations are similar in online course rooms for completing lessons, assignments and tasks. However, these activities are performed from a distance and completed in electronic formats, rather than in courtrooms on campus. For example, course discussions are conducted through electronic forums, lectures are either posted and read or recorded and listened to, and tests are taken and submitted electronically.

Are online courses easier than face-to-face courses?

How do I get started with and log into an online or hybrid course? (MyCampus)

  • Access Brightspace by D2L through MyCampus or directly through Brightspace. Your NICC user login and password are your Brightspace login credentials.
  • After a successful login, you will see your "My Home" page. Locate the "My Courses" on the left side of the page. Your current courses will be listed here as tiles, click on the course name to enter your course. If you are unable to see your course, click the "View All Courses" link at the bottom to search for your courses.
  • Each online course includes a welcome page with links to the syllabus, schedule and other materials that will familiarize students with the content and structure of the course. Students should log in prior to the start of course to become familiar with the tools in the online courseroom.

What are the computer requirements for an online or hybrid course?

  • Students need access to a computer with an internet connection and word processing software, preferably Microsoft Word. 
  • It is recommended that students have two or more web browsers with the latest updates installed on their computer to ensure maximum compatibility. Recommended web browsers include Microsoft Edge, Mozilla/Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. 
  • To properly use all features of MyCampus students will be required to allow pop-ups and may need to enable cookies. 
  • To confirm your system is ready for Brightspace, run a system check to verify your system is able to access all features. If at any point you are having difficulty accessing information in Brightspace, a good first step is to try a different web browser and clear your browser's cache.
  • An informational chart, Computer Technology Required for Success in Online and Hybrid Courses, is available in the College Catalog under Online Learning. 
  • NICC OnTheHub allows current NICC students, faculty and staff to purchase popular software packages, which can save you money and help you better meet the costly demands in an ever-changing software environment.

How do I purchase or access textbooks or online educational resources (OER) for my online or hybrid courses?

  • Students may purchase books via the online bookstore
  • Instructors have specific textbook requirements for each course. The exact materials and texts required for the course will be indicated on the course syllabus, which is posted in the online courseroom. 
  • The online bookstore will list which textbook the instructor is using for the course. If an access code for additional online materials is required, be sure to understand how to register and use the code.
  • OER content can be accessed through Brightspace or you can purchase a hard-copy through the online bookstore.