Brain Health

Brain health and wellness is just as real as our physical health and can impact our physical wellbeing. Yet 60 percent of adults and 50 percent of youth avoid treatment or don’t ask for help with brain health issues. Northeast Iowa Community College is committed to providing education and resources to improve the brain health of our communities. Through a partnership with Brain Health Now we offer training opportunities to help destigmatize brain health in our community, providing practical hands-on information and tools to create an informed work environment.  

Topics have included Emotional Awareness in the Workplace, Stress Management and Resiliency Training and promoting brain health during challenging times. According to a report released by Gallup, Americans’ rating of their own brain health has dropped to its lowest point since the survey began nearly two decades ago, with only 34% saying their mental health is excellent, a 9 point drop since 2019. And no doubt burnout will continue to be a challenge long after the pandemic ends.  

"These stats are why I feel it is so important to focus on Brain Health in the workplace. NICC is providing critical training and awareness for employees and your business should be participating to address the critical need." - Debi Butler, Founder, Brain Health Now

Brain Health Summit 

This annual event brings well-known brain health experts and advocates directly to you. Previous keynote speakers include Sean Astin, actor and brain health advocate, and Ramona Wink, licensed counselor. Topics covered everything from destigmatizing brain health to navigating stress, burnout, and fatigue. 

Learn from Best-Selling Authors

Cy Wakeman, a drama researcher, global thought-leader and New York Times best-selling author who is recognized for cultivating a counter-intuitive, reality-based approach to leadership. Cy has led virtual live sessions to teach the model of business readiness – a proactive approach to ensuring that teams are ready for what’s next and that individuals are highly resilient to adapt to changing times without self-sacrifice or burnout. 

Shep Hyken, customer service and experience expert, best-selling author and keynote speaker who works with companies that want to build loyal relationships with their customers and employees. His focus is on delivering amazing customer service, customer engagement, managing the customer experience and creating customer loyalty. Shep leads a virtual session to explore the concepts from his latest book I'll Be Back: How to Get Customers to Come Back Again and AgainRegister for this virtual session with Shep Hyken.

Healthy Brain, Healthy Workplace

Cultivating brain health and wellness in the workplace is vital to employee success. This course encourages employers to develop strategies promoting employee health, safety and well-being, accepting employee feedback, and awareness of all contributions to the organization’s mission. In a recent Solutions podcast episode, Lisa Schaefer discussed brain health in the workplace. Listen to the episode!

Mental Health First Aid

Learn how to identify, understand and respond to signs of brain health disease and substance use disorders. This training gives you the skills to reach out and provide initial support to someone developing these issues and help connect them to the appropriate care. NICC offers training focused on assisting both adults and youth (ages 6-18).

This Brain Health Awareness Project is offered through the support of the Mental Health/Disability Services of the East Central Region. For more information, please visit In partnership with Kirkwood Community College and Hawkeye Community College.

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