Academic Advising

Advising and educational planning is a collaborative effort between a student and an advisor. Advisors help you with career planning, assist in choosing a program of study, explain degree requirements, help with transfer planning, assist with the financial aid process and facilitate your registration for classes. Advisors also help you in the event you may experience academic difficulties by making appropriate referrals to academic support services as necessary. Effective advising is the responsibility of both student and advisor.

Students are assigned to an advisor during their first semester of enrollment. Before meeting with your advisor, please familiarize yourself with the degree program you are interested in. The educational plans will show you what courses are required to complete your program.

Students are required to make contact with their advisor prior to registration for the upcoming term. Students are also required to contact their advisor to withdraw from courses.

Advisors recommend you use these tips for academic success to be a successful student at NICC.