Health Program Requirements

Northeast Iowa Community College reserves the right to deny admission, acceptance, participation and/or continued participation to any healthcare program per agency policy. Students in healthcare programs are required to comply with any and all policies and procedures created and implemented by NICC and its clinical affiliates.

Students are advised that any and all healthcare facilities associated with NICC may deny admission to or remove any student placed in the facility if, at the discretion of the healthcare facility, the admission of the student or the continued presence of the student would present or continue a risk to the healthcare facility or any of its patients or employees.

As the healthcare environment continues to evolve, we work with our clinical partners to provide the best learning opportunities for Nursing & Allied Health students. Because of your contact with vulnerable patients and/or infective material from patients, you are at risk for exposing patients and being exposed to and possible transmission of vaccine-preventable diseases. Maintenance of immunity is, therefore, an essential part of prevention for healthcare workers. It is important to recognize that most infectious diseases are contagious before a person is symptomatic. It is your professional responsibility to know and keep current with your immunizations and health requirements.

NICC contracts with CastleBranch to manage background checks, clinical requirements and drug testing. You will receive a letter instructing you on how to initiate this process. In addition, this letter will contain information regarding the cost of utilizing and the deadline for initiating and completing this process.

It is the student’s responsibility to purchase the CastleBranch package and meet the associated deadlines. Students that fail to purchase this package and/or meet the health, training, background and/or drug testing requirements will not be allowed to enter or continue in the program. Students are responsible for all financial liabilities associated with not meeting these requirements.

For students applying to the Kirkwood Community College Surgical Technology program, of which we are a partner, please be aware that Kirkwood Community College has similar requirements. Upon acceptance, Kirkwood will notify you of their requirements and procedures.

Clinical/Field Requirements

Prior to participating in the clinical/field portion of any health program students must submit the following evidence to CastleBranch.

Health Requirements

  • COVID-19 Vaccine or Declination 
  • Annual Flu vaccination
  • NICC Physical Form based on the Iowa Core Performance Standards
  • Hepatitis B vaccine or positive surface antibody titer or a Declination waiver
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria & Pertussis (Tdap) vaccine
  • Two Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) immunizations or positive antibody titer
  • Tuberculosis Symptom Screening and Risk Assessment
  • Tuberculosis Baseline Screening
  • Two Varicella (Chicken Pox) vaccines or Positive Varicella titer or Medical documented History of Disease

Students should be aware that some clinical sites may have additional requirements. Students are responsible for meeting these requirements and for the cost associated with these requirements.

Other Requirements

  • Certified Nurse Aide (nursing only)
    • Completion of a 75+ CNA course
    • Direct Care Worker Registry
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) Completion
    • American Heart Association Health Professional BLS  
    • American Red Cross BLS for the Health Care Providers
  • Health Insurance
  • Mandatory program &  clinical orientation(s)*
  • Mandatory Reporter for Child and Dependent Adult Abuse Training
  • NICC HIPAA & Bloodborne Pathogens Trainings*
  • NICC picture identification*
  • Policy & Procedure Manual (PPM) review and forms
  • Uniforms, supplies and equipment, as applicable*

*items not submitted to CastleBranch

Program Compliance Policies

Nursing Students

If you have had a criminal conviction or are convicted of a crime while a nursing student at NICC, the completion of the Nursing Program at NICC does not guarantee that you will be able to sit for the NCLEX exam or that a license to practice will be issued by the Board of Nursing. It is, for this reason, that all students considering a nursing career are informed of this matter prior to entering the program.

All Health Students

There are separate credentialing agencies and licensing boards for each program. These bodies along with employers have their own background, health and drug testing requirements and will not make a determination on credentialing, licensure or employment until the time of application. Thus, even if you are able to complete a healthcare program, NICC has no control over credentialing agencies, licensing boards or employer decisions.

NICC strongly encourages you to periodically check the appropriate credentialing, licensing, and if applicable, employer websites to verify current standards and monitor changes to these standards.