Nursing Admissions Assessment

The Health Education Systems Incorporated (HESI) A2 admission assessment is a tool used to evaluate nursing applicants and their potential for successful program completion. The assessment consists of two academic exams, mathematics and reading comprehension, and two non-scored sections identifying a student's learning style and personality profile.

All students applying to a Nursing program at Northeast Iowa Community College are required to complete the HESI A2 admission assessment in addition to the courses required for program admission. Scores may be transferred from another institution as long as they meet the NICC criteria and were completed within five years of the student's application date.

Advanced-standing students who are current LPNs can articulate into the sophomore year only after meeting program requirements. Advanced standing students must successfully complete the HESI LPN to ADN Assessment with a minimum score of 850 as an entry requirement to the ADN program.

The minimum requirement for acceptance to an NICC Nursing program is a score of 80 percent or above on both the mathematics and reading comprehension sections of the exam. Results of the personality and learning style sections are not scored but provide valuable information to the nursing department and the student. The scores are not used for the admission criteria.

Assessment Preparation

Students should consult with their academic advisor to determine the most appropriate time to complete the HESI assessment. All students should prepare for the assessment by accessing one or more of the following resources.

  • Schedule one-on-one or group tutoring at the Learning Center.
  • Reserve study resources from the campus library or Learning Center.
  • Use online resources by searching for "HESI A2 admission assessment study guides or practice tests."


Students must purchase the assessment online through Evolve/HESI. A credit or debit card can be used for the purchase. A payment ID code is required and is available by contacting Mary Kay Kellogg-Strong at Resources for creating a student account and making payment are provided when the student requests a payment code.

Test Dates and Scheduling

Due to the current COVID 19 environment, until NICC campuses re-open, we are pleased to advise that students have the ability to continue with HESI entrance exams for A2-Entry Level and LPN to ADN exams via proctoring. Test dates listed are current dates approved for ProctorU remote testing. Additional dates are being added as approved, so please continue to check this web page for updated test dates or email MaryKay Kellogg-Strong at for additional approved ProctorU dates while remote proctoring remains in place.

Once campuses are re-opened, both locations will return to onsite HESI exam proctoring as normal.

Students need to contact MaryKay Kellogg-Strong, by email, to obtain a testing purchase ID. ProctorU remote proctoring from your home requires a webcam. There is no cost to the student with ProctorU.

Current HESI Test Dates for both NICC Campuses:

HESI exams through ProctorU are now extended to August 20, 2020.  Students may take the exams at a date /time of their choosing by selecting dates/time on the ProctorU website.  

Assessment Results and Next Steps

Results are available immediately after completion. Students are emailed once their test results are posted online within their Elsevier student account. Assessment results are also provided to the nursing department at NICC for review and documentation. The nursing department notifies the Admissions Office of the students who have completed the assessment.


Students who score below the minimum 80 percent are allowed to test a second time. A minimum of two weeks is required before attempting the second test, which will allow the student time to study and prepare for retesting. If the second test is unsuccessful, the student must wait three months before attempting the test again. A new payment ID must be issued.  Please email for a new payment code.