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Ag. Business – Precision Agriculture

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Program Entry: Fall, Spring, Summer

Award: Certificate


One of the greatest changes that has taken place in agriculture in the last decade is the use of Geographical Information Systems and the Global Positioning System, allowing us to analyze and manage the land at a level never before possible. It can involve anything from grid sampling soils to analyzing the trade territory of an agribusiness. This new technology opens up a wealth of career opportunities for trained individuals, as there are a limited number of people in agriculture who are adequately trained in the use of the technology.

Ag. Business – Precision Agriculture

Admissions Requirements:

  1. Apply for admission.
  2. Complete ACT Compass® admission testing. Testing may be waived based on previous college coursework or submission of valid ACT®, ACCUPLACER® or ALEKS® test scores. Scores are valid for three years.
  3. Submit official high school, high school equivalency and/or college transcripts to the Admissions Office of the campus you plan to attend.

Ag. Business – Precision Agriculture

Academic Requirements:

Minimum Credits: 21

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Term 1
AGA:114 Principles of Agronomy 3.0
AGA:375 Integrated Crop Management 2.0
AGP:333 Precision Farming Systems 3.0
GIS:111 Intro to Geographical Info Systems 3.0
GIS:206 GIS Data Acquisition and Management 3.0


Term 2
AGA:212 Grain and Forage Crops 4.0
BCA:212 Intro to Computer Business Apps 3.0

Ag. Business – Precision Agriculture

Employment Information:

Iowa Workforce Development Estimated Salary

$25,652 - $42,004

Iowa Workforce Development Estimated Annual Openings (Statewide)


Ag. Business – Precision Agriculture

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NICC AgriSciences Blog


Lenny Graves
Dean of Career and Technical Education
800.728.2256, ext. 240

Tad Mueller
Agriculture Business Instructor
866.474.4692, ext. 111