Important Reminders

Leaving the Country

  • Notify the Northeast Iowa Community College international admissions representative of intent to travel as well as:
    • Port of departure, destination and port of re-entry.
    • Date of departure and return (may not exceed 90 days)
    • All whom will be traveling
  • Signature of the NICC international admissions representative on 3rd page of any and all I-20’s (required for re-entry)
  • All dependents holding an F-2 visa must travel with an F-1 visa holder.
  • Report to the NICC international admissions representative once back in the country. Students must obtain a new I-20.


  • Must report all dependents who will be staying long term on I-20 and obtain F-2 visas for each dependent.
  • Short term visits will require B-2 or B-1 visitor visa
  • All dependents must change file documentation to change visa to an F-1 in order to take college credit courses.