Intramural Sports and Fitness

Intramural sports are offered through Student Life Office, and fitness facilities are available to students on both campuses. Peosta students can utilize the Peosta Community Centre, and Calmar students have access to the Fort Atkinson Gym. Students must present their NICC student IDs to use the facilities. Peosta students also have the option of using the Chlapaty Recreation and Wellness Center at the University of Dubuque for a nominal fee, with proof of enrollment and an NICC identification card.

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NICC Peosta Campus vs. University of Dubuque

  • Basketball (Men's and Women's)
  • Bowling
  • Co-Rec Volleyball
  • Co-Rec and Men's Dodgeball
  • Co-Rec Flickerball
  • Co-Rec Indoor Soccer
  • Co-Rec LaCrosse
  • Co-Rec Olympic Team Handball
  • Co-Rec Softball
  • Co-Rec Rugby
  • Co-Rec Ultimate Frisbee
  • Co-Rec Whiffleball
  • Disc Golf
  • Golf Tournament
  • Flag Football (Men’s and Women’s)
  • Pickleball (Men's, Women's and Doubles)
  • Ping Pong Tournament
  • Tennis (Men's, Women's and Doubles)

NICC Peosta Campus vs. NICC Calmar Campus

  • Co-Rec Basketball
  • Co-Rec Golf
  • Co-Rec Softball
  • Co-Rec Volleyball

NICC Calmar Campus

  • Disc Golf
  • Dodgeball
  • Flag Football