Career Pathway Certificates

Most Career Pathway Certificates (CPC) can be completed in 4 to 6 months. These programs provide hands-on training that leads to entry-level employment. Students also have the option of transferring credit into a diploma or two-year degree program to improve their employment options and earning potential. Some programs will have employer sponsors that are interested in hiring our graduates.

Tuition Assistance and child care support is available to those who qualify within specific CPC programs. In partnership with Greater Dubuque Development Corporation, the College will provide child care assistance at no cost while students are in class for select CPC programs (known as Opportunity Dubuque) in the Dubuque or Peosta area. Also, full-time employed graduates from select CPC programs may qualify for additional child care support for up to 12 months at a licensed or registered child care provider.

Registering for a CPC program is simple:

  1. Select the program you are interested in.
  2. Register to attend an Information Session.
  3. Follow the steps in the Enrollment Checklist.

CPC Programs

Advanced Manufacturing

Location: Peosta
Location: Cresco, Oelwein, Peosta
Location: Calmar, Peosta
Location: Cresco
Location: Manchester, Oelwein, Peosta, Waukon

Aviation, Power Mechanics and Transportation

Location: Oelwein, Peosta, Waukon

Business and Hospitality

Location: Dubuque
Location: Town Clock Business Center (Dubuque)


Location: Calmar, Peosta
Location: Calmar, Peosta


Location: Town Clock Business Center (Dubuque)

Health Sciences

Location: Calmar, Cresco, Manchester, Oelwein, Peosta, Town Clock Business Center (Dubuque), Waukon
Location: Calmar, Peosta
Location: Online
Location: Cresco, Dubuque

Information Technology

Location: Dubuque