The College, and its Foundation, strive to lessen the financial burden on students through scholarships. Last year the College awarded more than $12,081,260 in student aid to 73 percent of students.

All students, regardless of need or academic merit, are encouraged to submit the scholarship application and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Students must submit the NICC Scholarship application every year they plan to attend the College. Application submission deadlines and award timelines are listed below.

Fall Awards

  • April 15 (Priority Application Deadline for Fall Scholarship Awards). Students will be notified of decisions in May.
  • July 1 (Final Application Deadline for Fall Scholarship Awards). Students will be notified of decisions in August.

Spring/Summer Awards

  • November 1 (Application deadline for Spring and Summer Scholarship Awards). Students will be notified of decisions in November.

All Northeast Iowa Community College Foundation scholarships require the NICC Scholarship Application.

First-time student awards are indicated with the * symbol.

If awarded a scholarship, the funding is applied directly to your student account. Students need to be enrolled and registered at the College for that semester in order to receive funding.

All Programs of Study

  • A&J Petersburg Scholarship*

  • American Legion of Iowa Foundation Scholarship

  • Blanche J. Hendren Award* 

  • Civic Engagement Scholarship 

  • CUSB Bank Scholarship*

  • Dan Barton Family Scholarship*

  • Darwin & Barbara Schrage Scholarship*

  • Dave & Kris Kratz Endowed Student Financial Assistance Award

  • Decorah Bank & Trust/Cresco Bank & Trust Scholarship*

  • Don & Sue Roby Scholarship*
  • Dr. Russell and Juanita Loven Endowment*

  • Dubuque Bank & Trust Endowed Scholarship*

  • Dupaco Community Credit Union Scholarship* 
  • DuTrac Community Credit Union Scholarship* 

  • Early Graduate Scholarship*

  • FreedomBank Job Training Scholarship Fund*

  • FreedomBank, Waukon Scholarship 

  • Galena Satellite Rotary Complete Your Education Scholarship*

  • Gantz Foundation/Pepsi Cola Scholarship* 

  • Gourley Family Endowed Scholarship* 
  • Heritage Scholarship* 

  • Janet Bullerman Endowed Scholarship

  • Jim & Pat Anderson Scholarship* 

  • John and Mabel Heinen Family Endowment* 

  • John Kubesh Memorial Scholarship* 

  • Kathy & Barry Bromberg Annual Student Support Scholarship

  • Kathy & Keith Garms Family Scholarship

  • Lanny & Linda Kuehl Family Scholarship*
  • Larry Kruse Scholarship
  • Marilyn & Albert Anderson Scholarship 
  • Mark and Vicki Donhowe Scholarship*

  • Mavis G. Young Scholarship 

  • McKesson Endowed Scholarship* 
  • Metropolitan Lodge #49 in Memory of James Oberfoell Scholarship

  • Northeast Iowa Community College 1966 Scholarship*

  • Northeast Iowa Community College Boards Scholarship*

  • NICC Endowment Fund of Greater Dubuque

  • NICC Endowment Fund of Northeast Iowa

  • NICC Golf Tournament Scholarship
  • Northeast Iowa Community College Memorial Scholarship*

  • Northeast Iowa Community College Opportunity Scholarship* 

  • Northeast Iowa Community College Staff Scholarship

  • Norma Denlinger/DRA Community Scholarship* 

  • Presidential Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

  • Ron and Penny Wills Scholarship*

  • Ronnie and Mary Reimer Family Scholarship

  • Russell and Wendy Knight Fund*

  • Sim Suy Gek Memorial Scholarship*

  • Steven James Bruening Memorial Scholarship*

  • Theisen's Home-Farm-Auto Scholarship* 

  • Wee Toon Ouut Endowed Scholarship*

  • Woodward Communications Endowed Scholarship*

Advanced Manufacturing

  • Alliance Pipeline Scholarship* 

  • Deco Products Endowed Scholarship*

  • Klauer Manufacturing Fund*
  • Norplex-Micarta Scholarship*

  • Northeast Iowa Charitable Foundation Scholarship*


  • Eugene "Deeder" Bauer Memorial Scholarship* 

  • Jack Hackney Endowed Welding Scholarship* 

  • Matthew Kelley Welding Scholarship* 


  • Farm Credit Services of America Scholarship* 

  • George and Elizabeth Shearer Maquoketa Valley Agriculture Scholarship 

  • John and Roberta Rodecap Endowed Scholarship 

  • Norby Farm Fleet Scholarship*

Dairy Science

  • Central Plains Dairy Foundation

  • Jim Hosch Memorial Scholarship 

  • Kregel Family Dairy Science Award 

  • Shull/Denson Memorial Award* 

  • John Deere Calmar Scholarship 

Auto Technology, Power Mechanics and Transportation

  • Matthew Kelley Automotive Scholarship* 

  • Robert A. Klimesh Family Memorial Automotive Award* 

Diesel Mechanics

  • Associated General Contractors of Iowa Diesel Scholarship 

  • Simon's Trucking Scholarship

Business, Communication and Marketing

Business and Accounting

  • Alan & Kathy Gunderson Scholarship*

  • Eide Bailly Annual Scholarship
  • Express Employment Professionals Scholarship* 

  • Honkamp Annual Scholarship (CFGD)
  • JDJ Strike Opportunity Scholarship(CFNEI)
  • Kenneth J. and Sharon L. (Reisch) Erickson Scholarship

  • Mark D. Baker Memorial Scholarship* 

  • Thomas C. Beadle - Mathis Pfohl Foundation Scholarship*

  • William "Bill" Wermers Memorial Scholarship

  • Willis and Patricia Hansen Scholarship 

Graphic Design

  • Outside the Lines Annual Scholarship 

Energy and Utilities

Gas Utility, Construction and Service

  • Alliant Energy Scholarship* 

  • American Gas Association Scholarship* 

  • Black Hills Energy Scholarship* 

  • Spahn & Rose Lumber Co. Scholarship

Industrial Electrician

  • Mark Wilmes Memorial Scholarship* 
  • Oliver Merrill Memorial Scholarship 


Early Childhood Education

  • Karen E. Bolson Memorial Scholarship 

Health Sciences

  • Dr. Harry M. & Mrs. Mary B. Elsner Endowed Scholarship*

  • Frank Turnis Family Fund*

Dental Assisting

  • Dr. Bruce R. Meyer Memorial Scholarship 

Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic

  • Paramount Ambulance Scholarship

  • Sharon and Larry McDermott Memorial Endowed Scholarship


  • Beth Hoefer Memorial Nursing Award*

  • Donna R. Jesser Nursing Award

  • Edith L. Willer Memorial Nursing Scholarship 

  • George D. and Joann K. Hagen Endowed Nursing Scholarship*

  • Jeanne Africa State of Iowa Certified Nurse Aide Testing Award* 

  • Karen Schlueter and Mary Carol (Schlueter) Cahill Scholarship
  • Kathy Healy Memorial Scholarship* 

  • Marlys Seitz Memorial Scholarship 

  • Mary Lux Memorial Scholarship* 

  • Medical Associates Annual Scholarship

  • Mercy School of Nursing Alumni Scholarship 

  • Paul and Gerene Sawvell Memorial Scholarship

  • Rob "Doc" Fuqua Scholarship

  • Sherman Oyen Endowed Scholarship 

  • Sister Rosalie Whalen Memorial Nursing Scholarship 

  • Virginia Heim Memorial Nursing Award 

Respiratory Care

  • Scott Sieverding Memorial Scholarship* 

The Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship is intended to cover any remaining gap between federal and state grants/scholarships and tuition and student fees. Eligible Iowans who earn an associate's degree, diploma or certificate to work in one of Iowa's high-demand careers may be eligible based on FAFSA criteria. This Future Ready Iowa scholarship is a state-funded program for Iowans who meet the criteria eligibility for the appropriate school year.

Learn more about how the Last-Dollar Scholarship works at NICC!

Residents of Iowa may be eligible for the following grants and scholarships provided through the Iowa Department of Education. Each grant or scholarship has specific eligibility criteria and deadlines that do apply.

  • Iowa Vocational-Technical Tuition Grant
    Iowa residents enrolled in any NICC Career & Technical degree program may be eligible for this grant program. Award amounts are based on a student's FAFSA Student Aid Index (SAI). The FAFSA must be submitted on or before July 1 for the upcoming school year (July 1, 2024 to be eligible for 2024-25 school year). Associate of Arts, Associate of Science and all two-year transfer degrees are not eligible.

  • All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship
    The All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship is a state-funded scholarship program for Iowa students who attend an eligible Iowa college/university.

  • Education and Training Voucher (ETV) Grant
    Up to $5,000 awarded annually to qualified students who aged out of foster care or who were adopted after age 16. Review eligibility criteria. Complete the Iowa Financial Aid Application and FAFSA.
  • Iowa National Guard Service Scholarship
    Provides annual awards to Iowa National Guard members attending eligible Iowa colleges and universities. Review eligibility criteria.
    • July 1: Iowa Financial Aid Application and FAFSA fall semester priority deadline.
    • December 1: Iowa Financial Aid Application and FAFSA spring semester priority deadline.

The Loyalty Award is a financial incentive to finish your degree with NICC! You started taking college courses in high school, why not complete your transfer degree and earn additional funding while staying close to home? $50 per credit hour awarded to NICC freshmen for every successfully completed Northeast Iowa Community College concurrent enrollment course taken while in high school.

There are 18 eligible programs at NICC to redeem your Loyalty Award.

  • Student must enroll with NICC the fall semester in a minimum of six credit hours following their high school graduation year and pursue a two-year transfer degree (Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS)) 
  • Earn a grade of C- or above in concurrent classes
  • Maximum award of $1,500 or 30 credit hours
  • No application required, eligibility determined with NICC application for admission.

View the list of Loyalty Award eligible programs.

Awards are automatically applied to eligible students' accounts once final concurrent course grades are recorded in late spring of senior year.

*Loyalty awards are dependent on funding. Eligible only towards tuition costs (after individual federal grant funding is applied; if applicable). Award is split evenly between fall and spring semesters. Pre-programs as well as Career & Technical Degrees do not qualify. 

View more information on concurrent enrollment.

Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) offers five $1,000 scholarships to empower military spouses and children to pursue and complete their degree. This scholarship covers tuition for the current or surviving spouse/child of a military-affiliated individual or veteran.

Scholarship Details:

  • Five $1,000 Scholarships
  • For the current or surviving spouse/child of military-affiliated individual or veteran
  • Student must be enrolled in six credit hours for two semesters ($500 awarded each semester)
  • Submit the online NICC Scholarship Application (link available above)

To get qualified for this scholarship, contact Student Services today!

844.642.2338, ext. 2700

These scholarships are offered by outside organizations and are provided here as a resource only. Students are also encouraged to explore, the largest and most complete scholarship search on the Internet, which provides access to a searchable database of more than 275,000 private sector scholarships, fellowships, grants and student loans.

Please note: NICC only posts local and regional scholarships. To inquire about having your organization listed, please email with details regarding student eligibility.

Contact Student Services at 844.642.2338, ext. 2700 for more details on additional financial support that may be available to NICC students.

Past Students - Begin Again Scholarship:

Students who have attended NICC in the past and have an outstanding tuition balance may qualify for some assistance in reducing the balance owed to the College. Students planning to enroll again at NICC and complete their degree are encouraged to submit a Begin Again Scholarship Application to see if they qualify.

Contact Sherry Massman at 844.642.2338, ext. 1304 or email for more details.

Student Assistance Funds & Technology Requests

For questions regarding the Student Assistance Funds & Technology Requests form, please contact Anna Berns at or Randi Timmerman at