Diesel Mechanics

Auto Tech, Mechanics and Transportation

The increased mobility of people and industries has caused a large growth in the diesel industry. Where there are diesel engines, there is a need for mechanics to keep them running. As a diesel mechanic, students will be prepared as an all-around mechanic capable of performing work on all systems of the vehicle. Students must exhibit an attitude compatible with work requirements, demonstrate the ability to work with coworkers and possess competencies in electrical systems, fuel systems, drive trains and engines. Competency-based training will be offered on front-to-rear maintenance of diesel equipment.

Award: Diploma
Credits: 48
Locations: Peosta
Entry: Fall

Paying for the Program

Financial Aid Eligible

Out-of-State Tuition & Fees: $10,656*
Program Supplies: $1,500 - 5,500

Financial Aid Info

Career Outlook

$23,557 - 54,257

Estimated annual salary range for Auto Tech, Mechanics and Transportation graduates based on EMSI. Salary range represents 10th percentile - median annual wage for related occupations ​within a 100-mile radius from the center distance between Calmar and Peosta Campuses.

Potential Careers

  • Mechanic
  • Service Technician
  1. Apply for admission.
  2. Submit official high school, high school equivalency and/or college transcripts to the Admissions Office of the campus you plan to attend.
  3. Complete ACCUPLACER® reading and writing assessment and ALEKS® math assessment for course placement. Assessments may be waived based on previous college coursework or submission of valid ACT®, ACT Compass® or ALEKS® test scores. ACCUPLACER® scores are valid for three years, and ALEKS® scores are valid for 18 months.
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2019-2020 Diesel Mechanics Class Schedule


AUT:820 Automotive Tuneup 2.0
AUT:829 Gas Engine Principles 4.0
AUT:830 Gas Support Systems 4.0
DSL:353 Diesel Engine Principles 4.0
SDV:135 Job Seeking Skills 1.0
SDV:179 The College Experience 3.0
WEL:330 Welding Fundamentals 1.0


AUT:321 Automotive Transmissions 2.0
DSL:449 Diesel Support Systems 3.0
DSL:533 Drive Trains 3.0
DSL:632 Brakes - Diesel 2.0
ELT:145 Electrical Systems - Diesel 4.0
COM:723 Workplace Communications 3.0


DSL:733 Air Conditioning 3.0
DSL:803 Equipment Repair - General 6.0
MAT:772 Applied Math 3.0

Prior to the completion of Term 1, students are required to provide their program faculty with a copy of their First Aid/CPR certificate.

Chris Carlson

Christopher Carlson, Ed.D.
Dean of Career and Technical Education

  • Email: carlsonc@nicc.edu
  • Phone: 844.642.2338, ext. 2168
  • Location: Peosta

Pat Osterhaus
Industrial Technology Faculty

  • Email: osterhausp@nicc.edu
  • Phone: 844.642.2338, ext. 2233
  • Location: Peosta