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Two mobile developers inspect a UI mockup.

Computer Analyst: Mobile Application Development


The Mobile Application Development certificate is designed to provide individuals with no prior computer programming experience an entry-point into the field of application development for mobile devices. The dramatic expansion of ...

  • Credits: 21
  • Locations: Peosta
  • Approx. Cost: $4,158
An NICC network student installs a new server in a rack.

Computer Analyst: Networking Administration and Tech Support

Associate of Applied Science

The Computer Analyst program (Associate of Applied Science) offers two AAS options: Business and Web Programming and Networking Administration and Tech Support. The common core provides students with the flexibility of changing ...

  • Credits: 69
  • Locations: Peosta
  • Approx. Cost: $13,662
A male cnc student works at a lathe in the lab.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machinist Technician


Being trained as a CNC Machinist provides students opportunities throughout the region. The program provides the skills necessary to do a safe setup and operation of manual machines including lathes, ...

  • Credits: 43.5
  • Locations: Peosta
  • Approx. Cost: $8,613
A cnc instructor discusses a cnc machine with a group of students.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Operator

Career Pathway Certificate

The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Operator Career Pathway Certificate program stresses principles of interpreting manufacturing part blueprints and the use of basic measuring tools. The program will teach proper use ...

  • Credits: Noncredit
  • Locations: Cresco, Oelwein, Peosta
  • Approx. Cost: $2,389
Two network techs work in a server room.

Computer Technology, Networking and Programming

Associate of Applied Science

The field of computer science has provided graduates automation tools for all careers. The Computer Technology, Networking and Programming program prepares for information technology employment by offering the technical skills ...

  • Credits: 73
  • Locations: Calmar
  • Approx. Cost: $14,454
A construction manager checks a delivery tag for a stack of plywood.

Construction Business Management


Construction Business Management prepares you for trainee positions in marketing and management in the supply of construction materials. Course work includes construction, marketing, business and general education areas. There is a ...

  • Credits: 44
  • Locations: Calmar
  • Approx. Cost: $8,712
Two NICC students use front end loaders near the Calmar campus.

Construction Equipment Operator

Career Pathway Certificate

Students will be prepared to safely, efficiently and professionally operate construction equipment used in a variety of construction sites including residential and commercial building, road construction, maintenance and utility installation ...

  • Credits: Noncredit
  • Locations: Calmar, Peosta
  • Approx. Cost: $3,929
A cosmetology student receives instruction in the cosmetology salon.


Associate of Applied Science

The Cosmetology program prepares you to work in a full-service salon and/or allows you to work towards salon ownership and professional management. It provides a strong foundation in cosmetology with ...

  • Credits: 70.5
  • Locations: Calmar
  • Approx. Cost: $13,959
Police cars lined up beyond a yellow tape barricade at night.

Criminal Justice

Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts degree with an emphasis in Criminal Justice provides a course of study which will readily transfer to most four-year colleges and universities. You will take courses ...

  • Credits: 60
  • Locations: Calmar, Online, Peosta
  • Approx. Cost: $11,880
Cooks work in a restaurant kitchen.

Culinary Foundations

Career Pathway Certificate

The Culinary Foundations Career Pathway Certificate is an 80-hour hands-on program designed to prepare students with little or no culinary experience for a rewarding career in the culinary field. Successful ...

  • Credits: Noncredit
  • Locations: Calmar, Dubuque
  • Approx. Cost: $1,995
A female sales associate discusses a product with a female customer.

Customer Service

Career Pathway Certificate

Customer service representatives are often the heart and soul of successful organizations, serving as internal communicators, organizers, and facilitators while functioning as the voice and face of the business to ...

  • Credits: Noncredit
  • Locations: Town Clock Business Center (Dubuque)
  • Approx. Cost: $795
NICC students listen to an instructor explain a machine at the dairy facility.

Dairy Science Technology

Associate of Applied Science

The Dairy Science Technology program is nationally-recognized for its academic rigor and excellence, experiential and hands-on learning approaches, and classroom instruction that teaches both theory and applied concepts. As a ...

  • Credits: 77
  • Locations: Calmar
  • Approx. Cost: $15,246