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Two male auto students receive instruction from a faculty member in the auto lab.

Intro to Automotive Mechanics

Career Pathway Certificate

This 32-hour program is designed to prepare entry-level workers for employment and/or transfer into the Automotive Mechanics diploma program. Students receive an introduction to the automotive industry job classifications, career ...

  • Credits: Noncredit
  • Locations: Peosta
  • Approx. Cost: $219
Two industrial maintenance students work on an electrical simulator.

Intro to Industrial Maintenance

Career Pathway Certificate

This 138-hour certificate program is designed to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair equipment found in a variety of industries. This ...

  • Credits: Noncredit
  • Locations: Calmar, Peosta
  • Approx. Cost: $2,389
Two John Deere TECH students work on a combine engine.

John Deere TECH

Associate of Applied Science

The John Deere TECH program is designed to upgrade the technical competence and professional level of the incoming John Deere dealership technician. It is supported by the John Deere Company ...

  • Credits: 79
  • Locations: Calmar
  • Approx. Cost: $15,642
A vet tech student and instructor check on a calf at the dairy center.

Large Animal Veterinary Technician

Associate of Applied Science

The focus of this program is large animal medicine, but all aspects of veterinary technician medicine are covered. The program utilizes the College’s dairy herd, a commercial companion animal hospital ...

  • Credits: 73
  • Locations: Calmar
  • Approx. Cost: $14,454
A vet assistant student works with a microscope in the lab.

Large Animal Veterinary Technician: Veterinary Assistant


Students in the Veterinary Assistant certificate program receive a background in livestock production, companion animal handling, anatomy, veterinary terminology, clinic reception and administrative operations. After earning the certificate, graduates are ...

  • Credits: 21
  • Locations: Calmar
  • Approx. Cost: $4,158
A female manager gives a presentation to her co-workers.

Marketing Management

Associate of Applied Science

The Marketing Management program combines classroom work and on-the-job training to teach skills needed in business operation and management functions. After graduation you may seek employment as an owner, operator ...

  • Credits: 68
  • Locations: Peosta
  • Approx. Cost: $13,464
A medical assistant takes notes with an elderly patient.

Medical Assistant


Medical assistants are allied health professionals who perform administrative and clinical functions that support the services of physicians and other health practitioners in a medical office setting. Duties vary depending ...

  • Credits: 42
  • Locations: Calmar, Peosta
  • Approx. Cost: $8,316
Two female lab technicians checking liquids in a lab.

Medical Laboratory Technician

Associate of Applied Science

The Medical Laboratory Technician program prepares students to work under supervision of a medical technologist, pathologist or other qualified physician in a medical laboratory. A technician performs tests that aid ...

  • Credits: 28+
  • Locations: Calmar, Peosta
  • Approx. Cost: $5,544
Two nursing students check the temperature of a simulation mannequin in the lab.


Associate of Applied Science

The Associate Degree Nursing program prepares students to assess, plan, implement and evaluate the healthcare needs of patients and clients. This comprehensive program includes specific nursing courses as well as ...

  • Credits: 82
  • Locations: Calmar, Peosta
  • Approx. Cost: $16,236
A female business professional walking up steps.


Associate of Applied Science

Paralegals assist attorneys in the delivery of legal services. Through formal education, training and experience, paralegals have knowledge and expertise regarding the legal system as well as substantive and procedural ...

  • Credits: 71
  • Locations: Dubuque
  • Approx. Cost: $14,058
Two paramedic students work in the simulation ambulance.


Associate of Applied Science, Diploma

The goal of the Paramedic program is to prepare competent entry-level paramedics in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains with or without exit points at the ...

  • Credits: 64, 48
  • Locations: Peosta
  • Approx. Cost: $9,504 - 12,672
Two female pharmacy techs check inventory at a computer.

Pharmacy Technician

Career Pathway Certificate

The online Pharmacy Technician program will prepare students to enter the pharmacy field and take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s (PTCB) exam. Course content addresses the history and practice of ...

  • Credits: Noncredit
  • Locations: Online
  • Approx. Cost: $1,395