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Campus Location: Peosta

Program Entry: Fall

Award: Diploma


Welding offers rewarding and challenging career opportunities both indoors and outdoors in a variety of industries ranging from repair jobs to fabrication/construction activities. If you look around, almost everything made of metal is welded. The world’s tallest buildings, airplanes, ships, race cars, home appliances and automobiles are just a few examples.

There are many ways to make a weld and a wide variety of metals and alloys that can be welded. Welding has become complex and technical and requires a great deal of knowledge to be able to select the proper process for critical work. Excellent hand-eye coordination are attributes of highly-skilled and well-paid welders.

The demand for welders is high, and technical training provides you with improved opportunities and career progression. Students can take the American Welding Society (AWS) Certification after completing the requirements for all welding positions on the processes required by AWS in accordance of D1-1.


Admissions Requirements:

  • Submission of your official high school transcript with ACT score.
  • Submission of transcript from any college or university previously attended.
  • Completion of ACCUPLACER assessment if necessary.


Academic Requirements:

Minimum Credits: 35.5

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Term 1
WEL:110 Welding Blueprint Reading 2.0
WEL:190 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 2.0
WEL:410 Flame and Plasma Cutting Fundamentals 1.0
WEL:411 Basic Arc Welding (SMAW) 2.0
WEL:412 Basic Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) 2.0
WEL:413 AWS Practice Weld Lab 1A 2.5
WEL:414 AWS Practice Weld Lab 1B 2.5
* Math Elective 3.0


Term 2
SDV:135 Job Seeking Skills 1.0
WEL:175 Advanced Arc Welding (SMAW) 2.0
WEL:301 Pipe Welding 2.0
WEL:415 Intermediate Arc Welding (SMAW) 2.0
WEL:416 Advanced Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) 2.0
WEL:417 AWS Practice Welding Lab 2A 2.5
WEL:418 AWS Practice Welding Lab 2B 2.5
* Communication Elective 3.0
* Computer Elective 1.5


Communication Electives: COM:020, COM:723, ENG:013, ENG:021, ENG:105
Computer Electives: BCA:112, BCA:212, SDV:200
Math Electives: MAT:041, MAT:053, MAT:063, MAT:102, MAT:744, transfer-level MAT

Note: Prior to the completion of Term 1, students are required to provide their program faculty with a copy of their First Aid/CPR certificate.


Employment Information:

Experience/Skills/Personality Traits

Welders must be in good physical shape in order to bend, stoop, and move into awkward positions. They also need excellent manual dexterity and proficient hand-eye coordination. Welders must have patience and the ability to concentrate for extended periods. Welding is an art, where it helps to picture what you have to do on a project before doing it.

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Iowa Workforce Development Estimated Salary

$25,789 - $31,879

Iowa Workforce Development Estimated Annual Openings (Statewide)


Employers of past NICC Alumni

Advance Pump & Equip, Peosta, IA
American Iowa Manufacturing, Cascade, IA
Anderson Products
Behnke Enterprises, Farley, IA
Decker Precision Metals, Peosta, IA
EIP, Earlville, IA
Farmtek, Dyersville, IA
John Deere, Dubuque, IA
KD Welding, Hanover, IL
Kinze Manufactory, Williamsburg, IA
Mi-T-M, Peosta, IA
Mobile Track Solution, Elkader, IA
Paladin, New Vienna, IA
Premier Tool, Peosta, IA
Timken Drives LLC, Fulton, IL
Triton Manufacturing, Farley, IA
XL Specialized Trailers, Manchester, IA

Sample Job Titles

Robot Operator

For additional job titles, visit O-Net.




Additional Information:


Lenny Graves
Dean of Career and Technical Education
800.728.2256, ext. 240

John Dougherty
Welding Instructor
800.728.7367, ext. 271